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  • Hi Colin,

    Sorry for the late reply buddy, working for a new company now so I'm busy as hell but more money and better job.
    Well everything sounds good at your end mate glad to hear everything is going to plan and your foot is in the door. The only way is up from there buddy.

    Good luck, stay safe.
    Coolio dude, well good luck to you buddy. And just keep banging you're CV out to as many companies as you it's the best why. Just one more tip for you but only you can, an SSO course under you as well cos Maritime are recruiting like mad at the mo. Blue mountain do the full page and it's about £490 for everything.

    Good luck buddy
    Howdy dude, Have you done a CP course yet? and if you have it will depend on which CP courses you have done. The ones that are well know are G4S phoenix, Ronin concept and Ronin South Africa. You'll get a job faster if you completed any of these courses.
    To work in any Embassy you must have at least years in the army under your belt which you have and at least 2 resent tours of Afghan or Iraq.
    Dont worry about trying to get work for an Embassy just try and get your foot in the door as a PSD first and start net working from there.
    Try putting your CV into these companies G4S, Olivegroup, Garda world, Blue Haclke, AEGIS,, Globle group. Send your CV to them on there website and try calling them aswel.

    Good luck dude.
    Hello mate. I did my CP course in the Mil, so have no idea which is the best civi one; HOWEVER, I used to work for G4s in Afghanistan and a lot of the guys had done the G4s CP course and they all rated it. If you are in Bastion or KAF, try tracking down G4s staff (they are running with the FCO contract) and get an up to date heads up from them. Hope this helps.
    Hello Colin. Just thought I would drop you a line. Ex 16 Sqn. Im thinking along the same lines as you regarding CP. Im looking for Executive Protection a pose to work in "pit". I have a mate who is out in Afghan now and thinks he will give up HE once he's back. But what I will do, if I find out any info regarding EP work, I shall let you know aswell..... Gen!
    Keep Safe
    hello mate. I'm ex II. If you want to get in touch by email. my addy is h8426744@hotmail.com. I wouldn't waste money on a HE specific course as you already have the military skills for the job. On the other hand if you do a solid commercial orientated course, then maybe a language/driving/med course it will broaden your skills portfolio. I'll be at the Thetford half pint frenzy in a couple of weeks. Hopefully see you there. all the best. Matt
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