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  • Hi Zimbers

    Good to here you had a safe trip back and that you are back on tour so quickly . Not sure if you will get this before you leave , if you have a few min free could you give me a txt and ill call you back as i have hit a brick wall with sourcing the STCW95 quals with the RN, plus id like your advice on a few things..
    Look forward to your txt mate and ill buzz u back straight away .

    Zammo mobile number 07584307800
    Hi Zimbers,

    Not sure if your back on dry land yet ? Could you message me if you are

    all the best

    Hi Zimbers.
    Thanks for your reply its a great help to me. Im currently in contact with the training and operations manager at securewest a guy called Les Smith, not sure if you have spoken to him ?? Have you got a contract with this company ??
    How does it all work with regards to flights and kitt do you need to pay for this or do they provide it for you?
    Apologies for asking so many ?? its probably the last thing you want to be doing replying to me lol,then again im sure im asking the same ?? you were thinking during your marsec job search.
    Once again Zimbers thanks for your help have a safe trip and maybe if your free when your back we could have a chat over the phone about it

    Hi just a quick message from a ex serving RN LOM AWW known as zammo in the fleet. Served on type 23 and 42s , im knew to CPW and i saw your posts about STCW95 Certificates , who did you contact to get these also do you recomend any companies to do any training courses for marsec.
    Really pleased to read you got your feet in the door and look forward to your response stay safe
    Hello Fella, Just a quick message to say Hi.
    I'm an ex CPO (AWT) who was mainly on T23's known as Wilf Holling, I cant make you out on the picture but our paths may have crossed. I hope all goes well for you in this job, there is an ex comms rating called Kaz who is on this forum and has just started working with one of the teams. Unfortunately we only provide Int and do not get involved in sending out security teams so I can't help in finding you work. I do however talk to a number of Security providers so I might be able to provide an in with a company if required.
    All the best Wilf Dryad Maritime.
    Hello Mate

    drum cussac were recruiting at the begining of the month. Give them a go!
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