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    Patriot Risk Management

    Was bought out last week, I was told new owner carrying on ?
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    Experienced CPO looks for tasks in France or Morocco

    You say nothing about yourself,your background,initial training, nothing on your intro? Many people have worked for the Saudi princes ,you are not unique unless you tell the forum about yourself without compromising per-sec. Too many lazy people come onto this site thinking they have protected...
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    Advice: Close protection operation

    Mr Hide, Get A life and get back to the playground.
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    city and guilds Weapons Blue Card accreditation

    So ,its basically section 1 centre fire bolt action or straight pull rifles/carbines in 223/762/308, no semi auto weapons and no pistols ? i was under the impression that it was section 5 weapons as used in European training centres and they had somehow got around the red tape? in other words...
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    Training providers

    Ronin UK and Ronin SA are not associated ,therefore With Excellentia that makes three training providers.
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    Firearms training

    No argument,100% the only way ,the weapons platforms of issue and calibre of round.
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    Terrorist attack Westminster, London

    OJ,i had my umbrella made specially in London many years ago,before the ugly handled commercial one came about,as well as normal length one i had a short one made up as well,they were used tactically at various times in my career home and overseas,as well as the normal clubbing to neck,knee...
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    Point of contact

    No one in Spain interested in being the country manager ,to supply existing ongoing contracts ?
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    Point of contact

    Thanks TMAC ,Thats what its all about.
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    Point of contact

    Thanks for interest jstagg89 Yes TA guys are alright if they fit criteria ie 21, L det (R Squadron)23 but as i said prefer London Based, RMP TA, 264,SSR and so on, as i said its a big umberella and Sorry if your a little confused. If you fit criteria ,are well groomed and well versed in the...
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    Point of contact

    Clients request,but SF is a large umbrella, as for police, RMP, customs officers and the rest for counter surveillance, appropriate TA units acceptable,but cross swapping positions ok if practically qualified. Also need qualified drivers with similar backgrounds. This is not a CV gathering...
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    Point of contact

    Not one message ? Also CVs needed asap for up and coming, Cp operators and counter surveillance. Please sorry but only ex SF ,Police civvy/RMP ,customs types for counter surveillance positions, preferably based London area. Private message me.
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    Point of contact

    Contact required for Spain,CP operators,counter surveillance team and Pes driver. Private message details. I do not want CVs i want a professional in Spain to handle request.
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    CPWW Intro

    Another ,unless im that old fashioned and i dont know that language ?
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    Barrettl Intro

    Mods ,get a grip.Why let these children post and waste our time ?