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  • Is it possible to private message on here? Any advice would be helpful
    You can PM people using the "start conversation " button on your profile

    Screenshot 2023-01-26 230804.jpg
    And only that person your sending the message will see ?
    Sent you a PM back in Feb, unsure if your box is full or it wasn't received. Any chance of having a look see if i re-send please?
    Your advice / assitance would be appreciated. Thanks
    Dear Munkey - I have returned from a long absence from the forum and cannot PM anyone in regards to jobs under the CP section. Please would you enable my account PM access again. Regards. :)
    John Iv lost your email address but need you to look at stef210 Stefan Pawlak he says he was RMP we believe he never was Iv done a bit of digging as he has pissed a few people off so I'd like to drop you his cv to see what you think its obvious to me he nerve was a serving member
    Hi Munkey
    Could you please delete my member account
    Hi I would like to post a msg about asking guys to send me cv for any work I have coming in. Can you pm please so we can check that your happy with the text. Thanks
    hello CM, for some reason I have restrictions on my account, I need them lifting so I can post new jobs that my company is advertising... I need this doing ASAP please
    Morning cm hope your well I've been a member for a number of years now and I'm finding it increasingly difficult to get a foot hold in the industry I've worked for a reputable asset protection company since being licenced a vacancy found through here I might add I was hoping for some advice I'm trying to break into the rst side but again it's who you know no one will give an opportunity to an outsider sorry for the cheek of asking but can't get through the brick wall any advice would be most appreciated many thanks Jason Williams ( swampy)
    Hi i'm from london I was a ds but now cp and surveillance trained. I'm interested in the anti-money pockets.
    So, now I am required to change my user name because it represents the company? I will if it applies to every single person on this forum. FYI, you approved the user name
    Good Morning,
    I have just read your Anti Pick pocket Adertvisment, and am interested in help and becoming part of the team you are looking at putting together. I currently live in Dartford.
    My Experience spans from 9 years armed forces, 10 years HMPrison services and currently into my 5th year of working in hostile enviroments as a close protection operator.
    If you require my CV please drop me a line at
    Are you still looking for pickpocket operatives. I've just finished with the BTP and furring the Olympics I was attached to the dip squad.
    Good evening,

    I am interested in your advertisement regarding the Anti pick pocket advertisment. I live in north london and I have worked all over North london within the security industry. I have dealt with numerous accounts of pick pocket situations and also in a surviellance/undercover role for the last 4 years. I have a CV available email address
    good evening covert monkey

    i am very interested in speaking with you further with regards to putting together a team of covert operators in london i am currently based in bristol and run a small company made up of several close protection operators and many door supervisors we have many years experience between us in both plain clothed retail, and covert surveillance i look forward to speaking to you further regards steve
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