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Recent content by CPO445

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    Criminal record

    Hawk are you serious !! you say the following "should not have a mark in their criminal register" come on get real, so if someone does something wrong ( and dont forget the smallest mistake can get them a record ) they cannot ever work in this industry, sorry mate you are wrong. Lets be honest...
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    Advise on - I was a para / I'm an ex para

    Carl, I spent many years in the Reg and in more than one Bn and buggered if I can remember my PJI's name - but then I was shitting myself at the time so that might have something to do with it. As far as how the hell to ask what about just saying your mate such and such etc etc etc As to what...
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    For All The Airborne Lads...

    Mate Blue DZ myself from way back - there are some cracking sites as you mention - including an ex 2 site as well
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    Confused as to which Course!

    Younger you obviously have the best of intentions but calling and talking to the end employers about this !!!! believe me mate this does not happen
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    Working Alone - URGENT HELP PLEASE!

    To be frank I think these people are taking the proverbial out of you - I only did doors for a short spell when I first came out of the Reg so cannot speak from current knowledge, but please get wise mate and walk away.
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    Close Protection - Appearance and Blending in

    I dont have my " dangly bits " protected when I am on a CP job as I am professional enough never to let a situation get to such a terrible state of affairs !!
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    Military Background

    As an employer and also quite often as a TL my view is that if I have guys or girls coming to work for me, or join my team, who I have never met before I know that an ex military operative will have certain standards and will know the basics of what I will expect in regards to discipline...
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    Ex 1PARA

    2 Para 70's and in CP industry now
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    FAC and guns in UK ?

    Sorry mate but lets forget weapons unless you are planing to be in a hostile location, in europe and many other locations it is your brain which is the weapon not the shooter
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    What do you wear ......?

    I prefer a pink jock strap myself
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    FAC and guns in UK ?

    Pete my weapon is my brain, I dare say you are genuine in your question but come on mate lets get real eh
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    What do you wear ......?

    Well if its in the city I wear full cam and if in the country I quite like a suit - okay so only joking, just try blending in !!
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    CP and RST Pay Scales/ New Rates proposed.

    Union, yes a great idea, but what about the many clients / principles who employ you and dont want to hear this. Take it or leave it there are a lot of people working for such people. they will have no problem telling the driver to pull over and let this person get out. Believe me I have seen it...
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    Networking day

    Who is running or organising this event does anyone know
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    Who is responsible for the alleged low wages for Close Protection in the UK?

    This should be good reading .... I think it is a mixture of such things as people undercutting others and yes also newbies on the scene. I have no wish to lay blame as it is hard to criticise someone who is desperate to get on the circuit or even worse ... needs the money. As for the rates these...
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