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Recent content by Craigb86

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    Any Lorex Users

    Think im gonna get rid of it as it just puts them into a folder cant email or send If i could buy different dvr and not have to take down 16 cameras i would do pretty gutting really
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    Any Lorex Users

    Hi all ive got a LorexLHA2116 I was wandering if snapshot can run side by side to recording ao the cameras record none stop but when movement happens it do a snapshot and send the image without interupting recording. Thanks
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    Little Help for a newbie

    Oh man that's exactly it mate the same connector I need dvr side then the other side matches thanks millions I've learnt tons setting it all up but incredibly new to it all so really appreciate the help buzby
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    Little Help for a newbie

    Hey all hope your well. I've been thrown into the world of cctv and have a lorex kit which I've set up all went well I would really like a spy hole camera in the front door however the connection differs to my dvr I'm not sure what route to take as I have 4 channels spare just connection is...
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    Craigb86 Intro

    Q. What area of the Security Industry are you interested in? A. Cctv cctv cctv cctv cctv cctv cctv cctv...
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