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  • Hello Sir,
    I've just joined CPW as I was searching for a PAE company profile on Google, there I got to see your post.I got an offer from PAE in Africa Congo region at airport .I would appreciate if you can help me in suggesting about the offer,although salary is not lucrative but my main concern is about the company, and the place-Congo.They are clients to some U.N.mission there and contract will be of 5yrs.Kindly suggest
    Good Day.
    Hi craigeg google lives-training for fpos I course. I did my fpos b with then and it's instructed by nhs paramedics.
    hi my name is antonio an i am italian but i speak italian,spanish and ing. (i'm looking for cp job and i will be very intrest to work in south america.) my e-mail (tonyenzoawilda@live.co.uk) ciao
    Looking for medic instructors.. and ex british army trainers.. email craige_grice@yahoo.com and ill forward details... this is not for the hot spots but is for middle east
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