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  • Hi mate im looking for a bit of advice on dog handling. im looking to do a handlers course quite soon but im not sure for the demand for it. From your personal experences how easy to find work is it, and whats the pay like. cheers
    Hi fella,

    I am not a dog handler or a cpo but I always read your response and must say you are definately a helpful chap in this forum specialy Dogs K9 stuff... You always help new commers and I hope they appreciate your support.

    All the best my friend

    I have just joined this site and am looking to train as a dog handler either in Patrol or Passive - pro-active drug search.
    I am working as a civilian Custody officer at Slough and Maidenhead Police Station and have been for over four years; I do enjoy my work but am getting more and more restless and would like to get employed eventually as a handler,
    What is the best way to go about this, do I train myself up (self employed) or is it better to get employed as a patrol dog handler first?
    I have spoken to Nigel Edwards at Surrey Police (NASDU) and he said I could train privately with him at the dog training school and do the Passive Search dog training which is a six week course which I like the sound of but it gonna cost £3500.
    What advice could you give me on where to start?

    Yours Faithfully

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