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  • Thanks for the reply chris much appreciated i need to asses my fitness before making anymore commitments. I have done 20 weeks in lymptson about 4 years ago and have a idea of the phys. i'll get in touch with AFCO and arrange a meeting in person, to get a better idea for myself. Thanks again for the reply.
    Hello Mate, I am ex Infantry I got out and after awhile I joined RMR Belfast, 1st things 1st phone them 02890427040, what is your fitness like? if it needs work really work hard at it and turn up prepared, a bit about the unit, it parades each Weds night approx 7pm there is about 15 trained ranks which all of have earned green lids through RMR, first of all there will be some sort of fitness depends what stage of training your at ie phase one will do ropes and regains phase 2 will do GPMG or something along them lines the trained ranks pretty much do there own routine but there is a training plan, then everyone does phyz and its an absoulute beaster of a fitness session it will leave you hanging bur work hard dig deep and you will manage, then a final brief clean up go home, weekends take part in Scotland from RMR Scotland HQ and they fly you over etc etc the weekends are stupidly hard but thats the way it goes, RMR Belfast has a cracking pass rate compared to the rest of RMR units,
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