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  • just a few things about the pics you posted.....the pic of you in the sangar said 2003 on the pic..... you have said 2009 below it... What FOB were you in and which unit as I might have been in the same FOB. Did you do patrols with the Americans in as the pic looks like the inside of a HUMVEE. Just an observation. Im sorry if Im out of line but it look a bit weird lol
    Very much looking forward to meeting up with mates from the industry and network with new companies. at this years CPW event in London. Have a great day Ladies and Gentlemen.
    Hi Members,

    Thanks for the feed back regarding the upload of the deployment kit list.
    Always ready to help in some capacity or answer any queries or questions.


    Hi Dance

    I have been trawling the site and obviosuly being friends with the llama i have viewed the advice given about the CP Phoenix Course. I am in a very similar situation to big llama and found your feedback very useful. Again many thanks m8. Monty
    Dear Dance, first thank you answer me and thank you very much for documents forms are fantastic and simple.
    Take care and have nice evening
    Regards Karadak
    Dear Dance, I apologize in advance if you think I want to help me if you want, I need forms of documents or books for EPS, CP, PDS, bodyguard ... I'm from Skopje, my experience in security is around 17 years and I have licensed local and international.I'm sorry my English a little bad :))

    Regards Karadak
    Hi to anyone viewing my profile page.
    I'm ex Artillery and following a successfull 22 Year career, I have now made the transition into the shadows that is Close Protection.
    Please feel free to leave a message or just say Hi.
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