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  • Hi mate, I've just come across your profile and wondered if you had any leads for work in the surveillance field, I'm an experienced and qualified surveillance operative and am now going into the freelance side of things, I'm ex military and I'm based in the north but willing to travel. Please contact me with any info you may have.
    Hey Dave, hows your hammer hangin' !

    Just started to look into this PI and surveillance.
    What course do you recommend to get started ? I looked at ISS just down the road from me. Has the SIA made their mine up yet on what they want ?

    hope alls well.

    get in touch. Brent.
    Hey Dave how are you, hope your doing great mate. Yeh the work you done was fantastic, but i sacked the case, they were still able to mess me around. So how is life, i hope the work is still pilling in for you boys. I get home in a few weeks so thats good. Well friend keep up the good work an i will see you around.

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