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  • Alrite Davy mate. How you doing? You still in Kabul or moved on mate? Know of anyone taking on bud?
    Thats exactly what i sent my CV in for just sent another email back asking them to explain the changes will keep you posted
    British/FVEY Ex-military needed , Afghanistan
    I'm not the POC...

    Combat roles. Prefer infantry, Spec Ops, scouts, etc. Combat vets receive preference.
    Must be willing to deploy OCONUS immediately
    •Minimum 25 years of age.
    •Must possess valid U.S. Driver's License and Passport
    •Shall be an FVEY Expatriate with NATO Secret Clearance.
    on the vacin mountain man put up it says British or FVEY
    not sur what FVEY is i hope it is us commonwealth pers loll.
    Stay safe
    Shall be an FVEY Expatriate with NATO Secret Clearance.

    NATO/ISAF Clearance.

    Please send CV to: Resumes@EODT.com
    I sent my cv and clearences to EODT just waiting, harder as I am a New Zealander, at least you are UK mate. Good luck
    No probs mate drop me an email just before the 2nd May then we can work out a day for coming over for a drink ie wine here is my mobile number mate 07810723304 take care Chris keep in touch
    Hi Davy. Cheers for getting back to me m8. Aye I'm back in Newarthill, about 8yrs now, as was in England for years with my ex-wife (the ex-RSM's daughter, she worked in the NAAFI in Weeton), bought a house in Brannock Ave, the street next to were I grew up, better the devil you know sometimes! lol I was out for a drink with Dunky Lowe and Wilkie last Oct and Dunky was telling me about his job out in Baghdad, so I got myself on a course (NSTC in Liverpool), have sent Dunky a CV, he works for GARDA. I still keep in touch with Jimmy Cutler also and he's bee give me advise too. After talking to Dunky thought this is a good career move, seems there a few ex-Borderers in the industry. When your back and have a free night would be great to get a beer and a chat m8, although with only 4 weeks off am sure you'll be busy with your family, but if you fancy it give me a shout bud. cmccairn@hotmail.com
    Alright Davey! Its Chris MacPhail here m8, how you doing? Hope you remember me bud! lol I've just recently done my CP and 1st Aid courses and am trying to get into the industry. Been talking to few ex-KOSB for advice and tips and help with getting my CV out. Would really appreciate and help you could pass on m8.
    I'm back in sunny Newarthill these days, I see by your location your just over the road in in sunny Holytown.

    Cheers m8
    Just a quick message as this is my first time on the site any help would be of a great help cheers
    Wee Davy F
    Davy please have a look at my post, i have kit for sale that you might be interested in. Body armour, plates etc
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