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  • Hello dafoster, I did the course at the start of the year but since then I have been training for another deployment with a transport regt in Afghanistan. I haven't been actively seeking work but the people who run the course can give you good info and direction. Patience, hard work and a bit of luck seem to be the keywords mate. A good medical course may be required if you are seeking work in say the middle east. I will be doing one next year.
    Just finished the course with NIBSSS and it was very good, Dougie really knows his stuff.. Exelent training, well worth the money.

    Hi Davyh im looking to do the level 3 course in the new year with Nibsss after i have gathered up the funds. Would you be able to pm me information regarding finding work after ? What studing material did you have to complete, also What did you think of the course, would i need to complete other courses through NIBSSS in order to successfully find work after the course?

    Thank You
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