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  • Yeah Happy New Year Dawn, Don't think Aegis are lookin' for female Operators, they are however actively recruiting for male Operators. AG were lookin' for Female CP a couple of months ago for Afghan, that was advertised on 4exmil I think? all the best mate and I'll keep my eys and ears open over here for you, keep in touch x
    I've been doin' this stuff since I left Marne, workin' in Jordan and Iraq for a couple of different companies, steady work but is definetly slowing down over here now, probably got 18 months left before it really starts to dry up.
    Hiya Dawn, Sorry about the delay, not been on here for ages, wot u up to on here you workin' or lookin' for something?
    Hi Dawn,

    Had my results on Friday via voice mail I'm sure everyone passed. I sent off a dozen CV's and as Steve said it is all quiet at this time, I have been advised by a friend to keep submitting every 2/3 weeks until they take notice as your name will keep cropping up. Have you applied for any jobs yet?


    hi ya,
    Just a quick message my partner was wondering whats it like doing cpo work as a female is there planty of job oppertunities ie celebs etc as she wouldnt like to cpo in iraq etc.
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