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  • Hows it going
    buddy found it now. Iam still looking for work just seems to be taking its time, everyone thinks its an easy industry to get into but once you start its a different story..
    How long you been out now
    andy caine
    HI dazzerlee.Do we know eachother from any jobs.Your face looks familiar...I know we are all ugly Fuc....rs ( at least me...)
    even if we dont ever meet ...You got my frenship just for working with them girls.... ( :))
    i think my luck is a lot worst... just not very nice rich businesmans , not very nice wifes of rich businesmans and ugly nicky from BB (oooopsss ...imtalking abaut principal...not pro :) but what the hell )
    Wich company You working.... i will sign up if they can let me to mind them babes... just joking
    all best
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