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  • Hello Des

    I am developing a site based around the British Armed Forces. I see your a soldier yourself and I wanted to know if you would be interested in sharing your story of the most gruelling, challenging or successful operation of your tour.

    This will be in the Soldier Stories section where other soldiers can share stories as well

    Let me know if you are interested and I will go through it more with you

    hi des . i have just finish my course on friday .just waiting for exam results.would you able to give a few tips on writeing a good cv . the one i have is wot i have use when going for a civi job .know i have to convert all the things that i done in my 12 years in the army on . would you be able to give me some tips thanks
    them lads coming out the bushes in s.a thought you were dogging des hahahha.

    next time im watford way i will deffo drop in mate as long as i can get past dads army ;)
    Hello mate, good to hear from you and glad yr back safe and sound! i've been away on hols so sorry for late reply. what do you reckon yr gonna do? if you come down to watford you must drop in, catch you soon,
    eh up des. back and still walkin un aided. was a tough tour mate. a real heart breaker im afraid. but its done now. im outside in december just using my potl as a desperate job search!! hope your ok
    hiya, I did see your original post but the comments from the others more or less covered all yr points. go with a positive attitude and you will have a really enjoyable course.

    No slits in the suit is so that no-one can see if you're 'carrying' (a wpn) and also it is harder to have it taken from you.

    Rugby shirts is suggested because they are stronger, early morning combat trn could see some shirts ripped! but just take plently of tee-shirts, I didn't take rugby shirts and wasn't the only one by far.

    There will be a need for a suit, dark in colour. You might need smart casual wear depending on the assignment you get so go prepared.

    Your fitness must be a good standard, make sure you can run, do press-ups, sit-ups and at least one good pull-up. you will have to do a swimming test as well, a short sprint. i think you will need to do front crawl to pass unless yr really good at other strokes.

    They are a very professional outfit, they will not give you any chances! you must pass everything and they won't give an inch! but they will give you every opportunity and encouragement to pass, they are so positive and fair and just so professional.

    do exactly as they say! if you **** up, make a nuisance of yourself etc you will get a de-merit which will more or less prevent you from getting the top mark.

    you might think this is ott but when you get out there, or buy one here and put it in your main baggage, get a knife and never go out without it. you would do better buying one out there as there is a type which clips on to your pocket. one of my friends borrowed my knife and had to pull it out on a group of blacks one night, it saved his bacon! i went out late to the BP station to get some electric and it wasn't funny, people literally just started coming out from the bushes. i kid you not!

    if there is anything else pls get in touch, I will be only too glad to give any info i can, my email is dbkennedy@btinternet.com
    hello mate i see you did the ronin course in sa im of to do mine on the feb 6th is there any advice you can give me before i go it would be very much appriciated. Why does the suit have to have no slits? trying to find one is a nightmare. Please tell me you dont need to take chinos and rugby shirts! Theres quite alot to take in i hear, i should be ok im just a bit worried as ive been out of the army for a while now. Like i said any advice would be gratefull! many thanks
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