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  • Hi Diesel hope your well seen your post. I am ready to deploy ASAP my email is benmurray201182@gmail.com and i can send you my cv and certificates.

    Ben Murray
    Hi diesel How are you ? i just read your post, I m an EMT B, i just finished my mission in mali for security convoy can you send me more details about that job and an adresse where to send you my cv
    Best regards
    Hi Diesel, just saw your post ref medics and wondered if you still had vacancies I can deploy ASAP my email is dg_gilly83@hotmail.com and I will send a copy of my cv if required. I have 12yrs experience within the British Army
    Hi mate

    are you still looking for medics for Iraq, I have 8 years experience in Iraq also please get in touch on my email : darren.j.jones@consultant.com

    thanks very much

    Hello sir,

    Are you still looking for medics? Could you please send me the details. My email is lpck45@gmail.com
    Hey Bro,
    If you're still looking for medics i'm interested. Please send more details to nbranezac@gmail.com

    Best Regards,
    Good day, please could you forward me details or POC as I am very interested in this position. I'm well qualified and loads of hostile experience. Many thanks. Sergiogomes911@gmail.com
    Hi, I would be interested in more details reference the Tier 2 jobs in Iraq. please send details to j.eyre@hotmail.co.uk.
    Thanks, John
    hey diesel, i'm also interested in the psd tier 2 medic in iraq job. could you forward me the information to my email :- watchorn603@hotmail.com.

    Many thanks

    Sam Watchorn
    Hi Diesel, can you send me some details regarding the PSD/Tier 2 Medic post please, my email is aaronuk78@live.co.uk, thanks.
    Hello Diesel, could you forward me some information regarding the tier 2 medic positions you have im currently in Iraqi and have all the relevant docs to submit. my email address is taff600@hotmail.co.uk

    Kind Regards

    Ricky Hayer
    Hello Diesel. Re your bull terrier. is it possible he may have eaten anything he shouldnt have? if not, i would try giving him raw food - chicken wings, tripe beef lamb etc. If this is not possible try adding some sardines or honey through his food. I would also, if after 10-15 minutes remove the bowl if he does not eat. hope he sorts himself out soon! Kate
    Diesel how's it going buddy out of curiosity mate do you know of any companies recruiting for Libya at the mo I have previous experience in tripoli doing CP exemplary military background 15yrs service
    cant pm you i just tried. are you still looking for people for the Yemen gig? If you are could you please let me know. Ryansearles@rocketmail.com i speak enough arabic to get by and understand more. Prior US Military with special operations experience and recent operating experience in region. can leave asap.

    it would be great if you can shoot me an e-mail (saidatallah66@hotmail.com ) to discuss some details related to Yemen slot.
    Said Atallah.
    U.S Cell: 8324664162
    Hi Diesel,

    Can you email me your email address so that I can forward my CV on for your attention, regarding the jon you have advertised.#

    0796 6644192
    Hi, enquiring after the PSD / Med task. please fwd an email for my CV. Currently working,
    may be interested. 10 yr experience private, 13 mil. cheers JK
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