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  • Hello Disco,

    With reference to your FAW/EFAW Instructor request:

    I live in Lincolnshire and have an in-date FAW Instructor Assessor Qualification. In the last 2 years I have only taught one FAW course, two AED courses and one Paediatric course - due to still serving. I am now out of the Army and seeking employment as a Training consultant. I have other Instructor qualifications that we can discuss if you require them.

    Hello Disco,

    I have recieved the same task did you have any joy with the drills the problem being here is that with so many different countrys using the AK many have different drills I am looking at standardising a drill please drop ma a line so we can chat
    Hello Disco,

    I read some of your posts on this site regarding work. I would like to introduce myself should any other work come up.

    - I hold a UK FD Degree in Para Sci & I have worked in front line Accident & Emergency Ambulance Operations for the past 9 + years.
    - In that time I have accumulated a wealth of experience that includes; Emergency cardiac care & thrombolysis.
    - ALS
    - PPHLS
    - Trauma care with PHTLS awarded by the Royal of Surgeons of England
    - Cert in Child Protection UK
    - Minor injury assessments
    - Service as a military trained medic

    I often work alone in rural areas & feel confident with my skills & abilities in any similar role. Prior to beginning work in EMS I served with the Army & I have a range of skills that I can later elaborate on. I am employed by the health service and would need give notice prior to taking up any assignment. I can send copies of training on request (away from open forum) & details of my registrations.


    Hi i am an ex military ramc cmt1 looking to get into this line of work can you send some info please cheers Andy


    cheers Andy
    Hey Disco,

    I am unable to PM you. If you don't find anybody suitable for the Kurdistan, please PM me your e-mail so that I can send you my CV. I am in Iraq and available almost immediately. Thanks.
    Hi Disco,

    In regards to your Kurdistan Position, I am currently in Iraq and could be available should you require. I do not have military experience, however I have extensive experience with police forces in a very 'active' environment. I have extensive medical experience and qualifications and have ample remote site exposure. Should you fail to find somebody with military experience in time, please feel free to contact me.

    We have received contracts.When it came to deployment nothing happened.He blame the delay on insurance.He even threaten us with lawsuits if we decide not to go ahead.We wait to hear from him now.I believe nothing will happen and that we will not see our Vetting fees.I phoned the number he supplied but they say it is only a answering service and they taking messages for him.
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