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    new K9 handler

    Welcome to the forum mate. Make sure that whoever does your training covers more than just the basics. Scenario based training is vital yet i am amazed at how many so called trainers out there don't cover what is the most important aspect. you will be taught heel-work, agility etc, which is...
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    Dog Van for sale

    Vauxhall Vivaro high top dog van for sale. Ex Home Office. 2006, 56 plate. Three large kennels in rear with v large storage cupboard. Mid section has a cupboard and two shelves. All custom built from new. 12v roof fan and two flettner spinners. Mid section has added bonus of a slide out metal...
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    GP handlers required for music festival in Cornwall 7-14th August

    Re the above, I can up the rate to £11 per hour for anyone interested. Andy
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    GP handlers required for music festival in Cornwall 7-14th August

    We are looking to employ 2 GP teams for a music festival covering the 7th-14th August. This will be working as part of a team providing security for the largest event in Cornwall this year. Must be fully qualified with own vehicle and insurance. Suitable trained dog, GSD, Malinois, Doberman etc...
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    can you call me re the south Wales job if you feel you canhelp us out. thanks Andy. 07525436150

    can you call me re the south Wales job if you feel you canhelp us out. thanks Andy. 07525436150
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    GP handlers required for four day music festival in South Wales this weekend.

    Handlers required for an established event near Swansea beginning tomorrow 14th. must be professional and reliable with unmarked vehicle. Experienced a must. Rate is per£10 per hour. please contact SDD UK on 07525436150
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    Security GP handlers required for 4 day event in Wales in June

    Hi Guys, We are looking for 3 experienced GP handlers for an event in South Wales in Mid June. All need to have their own unmarked suitable vehicle, a trained GSD or Malinois dog with available training records, be fully insured and have a checkable work record. These positions are to...
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    I personally don't care for any of them! NASDU seem to be just too money orientated, whereas the NTIPDU seem to spend all their time slating NASDU!! I do believe that a national regulating body is needed, but one that is totally independant from any other organisation and has experienced...
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    Teaching an old dog new tricks - kind off

    Oi Mr Lloyd, at least I was seen at the bar!!!!! With my hand in my pocket too!!! Db1, Good luck, let us know how it goes.
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    Teaching an old dog new tricks - kind off

    Where to start? A few suggestions for you. Firstly are you using the toy in conjunction with the obstacle? If so does your dog need the toy to negotiate the chosen obstacle? If not, then take the toy away so he focuses on you more. Having done National & Regional Trials in the RAF Police I...
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    Your thoughts?

    Unfortunately the posts in the link do not cover dogs that were euthanased due to injury or illness. It makes no mention of the fact that when these dogs are trained, or have gone through the 'bite' phase of training that it means these dogs are not the fluffy 'pet' dogs that the owner gave up...
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    Dutch herders

    60%? He must be damn good, and able to split himself all over the UK!!! Yet another wannabe!!!!
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    The Rise of High-Priced Security Dogs

    I've got an arm true Jack Russell, ideal if you are very small. £500k Be quick tho, wont be around for long at this price!!
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    Your thoughts??

    2 Dogs teams for 100k?? No wonder they want a piece of the action. Note with interest that the picture supplied shows a foreign individual in a 'police' look a like dog unit. Interested to know what the companies mark up would be on each team! I'm sure no one has broken into one of their sites...
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    The security dog industry market.......

    Apparently the knob concerned is trying to pinch contracts outside of his normal fall- guy position of K9 Ops Manager for himself., not the massive company he works for!! Obviously being paid 30k+ a year with company benefits is not enough!! Mind you, he does like his food!!
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