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  • Available close personal protection and civilian background ,i have a decade comprehensive experience in the security industry as prison officer also many years on doors etc,I’m self-motivated, and confident and reliable hardworking individual who enjoys working a part of the team as well as independently using my own initiative. I have excellent customer service and communication skills with the ability to build strong working relationships. I have a good organizational and communication skills with the ability to work under pressure ensuring that all tasks set is completed to its high standard. Able to uphold good order on site whilst working within a companies procedural guideline and also ensuring a high quality of service is consistently maintained.
    -solid knowledge of laws and surveillance equipments.
    -excellent written and verbal and presentation skills.
    -Also I speak three languages.
    Hi, anyone got any work out there for someone who is CP trained? I have experience. If so please get in touch.
    Hi I am looking for close protection work, I have experience and I am available to start straight away thank you
    Hi I'm 26 years old Female from Poland . I looking for Cp Job . I'm new member so appreciated for any help.
    Hi I'm new member in this forum ,I'm From Albania &a British Citizen I speak Albanian English& Italian I've got a CP license and I'm look in for any CP work. Do you know any one who needs a CP officer or any Requirement agency if u can help me please thank you
    Hi i am currently taking my course next weekend and i was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to lend some advice on the exams ( ie easy,hard) i have heard many say it's fairly easy and the company i am using have a pretty good pass rate but it's always a concern what with costs of course that if fail it would be a big problem to retake so please if you have any advice regarding prep for exam / course ect it would really help me , many thanks ..
    Hey,..I am a new member of this forum.I want to be your friend.Just sent you a friend request.Thanks!
    Hey...I'm a serving uk corporal with 10 years service and just about to deploy to afghan for my 5th tour (3rd of Afghanistan)...just need some advice ie courses and relevant experience needed to move to a career in maritime security..hope you can help thanks
    you know of any work available mate?just got back to u.k from north america.looking to get the sia badge and take it from there.got 3 years of combat military exp (israeli army) got dual citizenship(english,israeli)and bi lingueal,any suggestions would be awosome.kev
    Just a question, would appreciate it if you can help me. Are there any "mock exam" papers available, or previous tests? Official or practice, just need a guideline! Would appreciate a reply.
    hey sir,
    I would like an advice please from you if you can help.
    In my past I was in Greek SR.F. for over 6 years and in between of my military service I've done jobs as close protection with licence from Israel
    I work in UK as door supervisor / static security / industrial / event ect. ect. security. I have SIA close protection and advance surveillance now.
    I want to go back to waht I do best but for over a year now they regect my CV cause I haven't been in the british army. is that fair?
    hello mate just after some advice, im in the army at the moment coming up to my five year point but due to deploy to afghan in a few weeks and thinkin about getting into the cp line of work but ive been told that they are not accept lads to young or with little experience im just wondering if you can shed any light or knowledge on the subject, thanks
    heydragon i was wondering if you could give me a hand on using this site as im new to the security industry and finding it a bit difficult to use this

    many thanks michael
    Hi sir
    How r u doing? Hope fine. I'm Solise Pratt and i live in Guinea-Conakry(West Africa).
    I been a manager of security company over her for several months and i'm trying to get my own agency now but it's really hard and i'm finding a close Protection job.
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