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  • Hi Ed, I trust this email finds you well? as you can guess I've not been on for sometime, I got fed up with all the walts and jerks plus had too much work and could not find an internet connection or the time. I'm just catching up with contacts and see what's happening in the world? I relocated to Spain in 2012, which offers a more relaxed lifestyle and money goes further plus it beats a cold and wet UK.

    Stay safe

    Hi honey... Just saying hi and hope you and your family have a great Christmas & New Year and if you are working mate, stay safe.. Take care and all the best Jenny x
    Hi, sorry i haven't been in touch or been on CPW. I had a contract from March till 1st Nov, which now finished. But my old computer died and didn't replace it for sometime, due to working a lot and didn't have time replace it, now got one of this tablets, which has taken couple of weeks to get use too. On top of that, had some trouble where I worked in Sept and in scuffle, my phone good dropped and stamped on, so lost all contact details as tried everywhere to retrieve details, but no hope. So learnt a good lesson on that one have two phones, the work one gets broken again I have back up details. I went to Orange, who looked up my phone number and was able to keep same number on the new phone I bought, but I have not got your details anymore, mate sorry. If you are going Friday to London, so am I, hope to see you there hun. Once again sorry for not getting back to you or being in touch. I hope all is well with you. Cheers Jenny :)
    whats happened to the welsh security operators group that was on facebook? cant seem to find it now
    Sorry mate, I've been so busy for the past few months I forgot to check up in here! I'll send you through another email address now, cheers
    Yes i know but in italy their don't leave you any cert.
    and in this country the most of them their only recruit ex b.army or people with this type of qualification
    Hi ed how are you?
    sorry to bother you ed but i need an advice , i'm looking to do the HEAT course with or UCP or ELITE BODYGUARD ACADEMY FROM NORWICH
    DO you know if their are any good?
    Hey Ed no don't think we know each other....added you as a friend as was unable to send you a message for some reason! Appreciate the thought re 'fbg' every little helps!especially when this topic is so vast. Plus never hurts to have friends....looking forward to starting my course next week and meeting new people! Was thinking about using Julian (CV guy on here) for help with the old CV have you used him before?
    Hello ed,
    yes I'm a May's good friend, glad to meet you too, I hope we'll can have some good exchange.
    Cheers Duke
    To all unless i invite you to the team for the festival work i have no i repeat NO places on the teams ok.

    Hi Ed, sorry not been on CPW for a few weeks, been dealing with a family issues. I've just started a new job mate, but if you email me on jenny961@hotmail.co.uk, i'm maybe able to fit it in, as I do nights on the doors. Thanks for thinking of me hun, hope you are well. As for my welsh friend if I can get hold of him, i'll tell him, but not sure he has joined CPW. Cheers Jenny
    Hey Ed, o'neil is not my mate, what you and him do is no business of mine, so why are you telling me this? if he has a go at another group member on linkedin, that's between that member, O'neil and the groups leader (you), i have never even been to the said linkedin pages, so i don't even know what it's about, (and i'm not even bothered) I do agree as taffs we should help each other. Mick
    Ed email is caphillips999@hotmail.com. Awaiting contract awards with my old company back in the sand but not doing anything in UK yet. Will do my CCTV course done my Door Sups course then will send away for double SIA licence to put belt and braces for UK work in place. Still keeping eyes open for overseas work.
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