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  • Hey is that you E can only think that it would be it's Jono from ECM, if it's not you then im sorry to bother you.
    no problem el im sure there will be others i wil add your email too the list for fridays newsletter you have just missed some work on there but again im sure there will be more
    as said welcome to the group cheers ed
    Hi Ed,

    Thank you for accepting my request to join the group. My email is elis_m85@hotmail.co.uk and I look forward to receiving your newsletter.
    I live near Swansea, Pontardawe but am often in Cardiff, unfortunately though I am working on the 17th and won't be able to attend the meet and greet. I hope to be involved in the next one though!

    Kind regards

    also el we are running a meet and greet in cardiff on the 17th of dec down the bay at 1300 in eli jenkins across from the WMC

    see you there
    hey el welcome to the group where in wales you from and we have a newsletter that runs each week so pm me an email and i will add you too the list
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