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Recent content by ENJ1986

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    London Driver - HNW Family - Full time Permanent Job

    Still after a person for this, I know it's long hours but being self employed and with the bonus, that's just under £50k a year job self employed. Full time - 6 day weeks - live out - Knightsbridge, London so must be local. Busy London family are after a driver, doesn't need to be ex-Police...
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    Guess whose back!

    It's quiet here because the only people that post, are the ones looking for jobs and that is very boring, hence no one stays around long.
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    London - Security Driver and RST Operator

    This job is now filled.
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    London - Security Driver and RST Operator

    Job is still open due to someone dropping out this afternoon. I can't edit the title. Can I stress, this would suit more medical backgrounds than security but still, both are needed. The driving, you will be looking after an elderly couple but due to age, won't be out much so no crazy hours...
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    What licences does a company need to take over an RST site?

    Thanks MrB, To be honest, when I left the Security Industry full time to start this company with 2 others, I didn't really want to get involved with any security again (unless it was helping with our events) as I was so fed up of seeing people constantly undercut and taking the piss out of the...
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    What licences does a company need to take over an RST site?

    JHD, Your PM inbox is full but I will copy and paste. "Thank you JHD, I am just heading out but will look in to this when back. Thanks for taking the time to post these to me. Will reply later. ENJ"
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    Information on CP work.

    I agree whole heartedly with your post, I honestly think people get aroused at the thought that they are paid to protect a human life. I honestly think people are more in love with the job title rather than the job itself. If my current role fails, I would go back to private security but I...
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    What licences does a company need to take over an RST site?

    Guys, Thank you for the information. I want the guys to get the maximum amount of money possible but also 100% legal. I have come across places that pay from "different" companies every 3 months. I have come across places that have been self-employed for 12/24 months and then gone PAYE. I...
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    What licences does a company need to take over an RST site?

    Evening ladies and gents, I have the opportunity to take over a large RST site with 20 staff in total. I already co-own a company that deals in HNW recruitment, training, catering and I am a consultant to private clients in a security sense. A client who we recruit for is so fed up of the...
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    Information on CP work.

    Sound advice from experienced guys who I know on the circuit but not personally. I will just add, 5 years of military experience counts for very little in the CP world now, armed or unarmed. BUT I have less than 5 years in the Police and I found that I got jobs because of my actual academic...
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    Where is everyone?

    This thread pretty much sums up the forum currently and it has died a death. It's a shame because it used to be heaving with good guys but with FB/LinkedIn/other social media and bitching behind the scenes of who's the best of the best/willy waving which this industry is sadly, it has slowly...
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    London - Security Driver and RST Operator

    Hi guys, Security / Driver: (Saturday to Wednesday inclusive) – Full time position (not a contractor) Must be able to ride a motorcycle Must be able to drive a large vehicle i.e. minibus or larger (fully trained and qualified) SIA badge / experienced in offering security in a private...
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    1x Night RST - Kensington - Full time - No Accommodation

    This position is now open again. The person that was leaving, didn't actually leave wasting everyone's time but is now confirmed. Start date with this job will be from the 11th of May, a couple days getting trained up and then nights for the rest of the working week. Please note, you have to...
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    To be fair, Colonel is right. I've been on this username and another for around 5 years on this website and your spelling and punctuality is better than 99.9% (including me) on here, you come across as a well balanced individual with a good thought process. If you're in London and ever looking...
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