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  • Andy You are replying to yourself not the sender mate!! Click the senders name in BLUE, wait for his box to come up, then click his VISITOR MESSAGE box, type your reply, then click POST MESSAGE box. No point in talking to yourself, that can wait to you get around 60!!! best of luck.
    andy, you are replying to yourself not the sender. click the senders name in blue, wait for his box to come up, then click his visitor message box, type your reply then click post message box.
    Thanks for the link Russ. Looks good I will have Powerboat Level 2 by june, have middle east experience but im not a SNCO or WO. I will send my CV anyway, see if there is any other jobs floating about.

    Hey Royal trying to reply but the site will not let me. Try this link to a job offer in Kuwait.


    Vacancy for Operations Room Manager (Kuwait) in New Year

    A vacancy in the New Year will be made for the position of Operations Room Manager with Kuwait's Coastal Protection Force.

    Details : Month-on/Month-off rotational with attractive package. Role is to co-ordinate, manage and direct maritime security assets in providing MARSEC for Kuwait's oil sector.

    Requirements : Experience in maritime operations management, small boat experience (minimum of RYA Powerboat Level 2 or equivalent). Middle East experience preferred but not essential. Would suit former LC1 SNCO/Warrant Officer.

    For more details please contact sean.chapple@lynceustraining.com
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