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    training courses that lead directly to employment ?

    Hello all, I was in the security industry many years ago, have been working in the tourism industry in these recent years, which has been nice & offered many international work experiences, but the income was always quite humble as you can imagine. I'm looking to get back in the security...
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    has anyone worked for/with Brillstein Security ? need info regarding this company

    thanks for the feedback guys. it seems no-one has firsthand experience with this company. ( they "look" pretty big online ) i will steer clear of this company, too many things do not make sense and nothing about them can be verified.
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    has anyone worked for/with Brillstein Security ? need info regarding this company

    Ok third time I'm trying to get this post up : Can anyone offer some feedback regarding Brillstein security group ? On their website they offer courses leading to 'guaranteed employment within our network upon completion of the course' But the courses aren't exactly cheap. I'm trying to find...
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    anyone heard of/worked with Brillstein security group ?

    Hello, has anyone heard of/worked with the Brillstein security group ? I found a couple of old threads (last posts 5+ years old) - does anyone have any current information about this company ? They offer ( lengthy & pricey ) training course, which they claim will lead to guaranteed...
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    anyone familiar with Brillstein Security Group ?

    Hello All ! New to the forum. Did a search for "Brillstein security", but only a couple very old threads came up, not much info. Is anyone here familiar with them ? Any current feedback regarding this company ? (the existing threads are 5+ years old) I was reading their site, they offer...
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    FastnFurious Intro

    Q. What area of the Security Industry are you interested in? A. aviation security (have professional experience), search & rescue, tactical driver, close protection Q. Do you represent a company, if so what's the company name and your role? A. do not represent a company Q. What do...