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  • Hi Im hoping you could help. I am new to the industry as a private investigator, i am currently on a close protection task and my client has given me a name and car reg of a previouse tenant that left with rent arrerrs. My client has asked if i can get the persons current address. Can you advise me on th best way to get this. Many Thanks.
    Hi I wasn't told to get in touch with you, but I saw that many do, so I thought I would.
    I have had special corporate world training, from sierra security, I have some corporate experience. I have Ukranian spetsnaz experience, and im first aid level 3, and a personal trainer and nutritionist. Im looking to use my skills to get really established in the industry. I had a great job offer from june on, but budget cuts have meant that the team I was with are no longer required. I was wondering if you have any contacts that I could talk to. Kindest regards.
    Hi FBG, Thank you for replying to my thread (No BS, No Sugar Coating) - I would like to get in touch with you and ask you a few questions. I will send you a PM asap.
    Hi fbg, I was told to get in touch with you ref female cp work I did my cp course with ronin concept I'm ex military ( combat medical technician) 13 yrs experience any advice would most greatful thanks
    Hi fbg thank you for your comment on my thread...re female cp. start my course next week so I will get in touch when all complete! Happy Easter

    Hello FBG, I was kindly reccomended to get in touch with you regarding females working in the CP industry. I see you are rather busy answering questions in relation to this. I have been thinking about CP for a few months now and head that females are saught after. Are you able to advise me how likely I will find employment or positions after I have carried out the necessary training. I am an ex police officer and hoping to start the ball rolling as I have already quit my job. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks, HayleyW
    Hi i was advised to speak with you from a fb cp site, all good lol im taking vol redundancy end of march from the prison service, i am wanting to get into cp work. Can you give me advice etc as a female cp. regards Debbie
    Hi, i'm currently a police firearms officer working an ARV but specialise in DI/DE and CP. I worked with the met at the olympics for six weeks and met some good contacts. I can leave the police with 28 days notice and am looking for work in either maritime or in executive protection. any inside info would be greatly appreciated with regards to work anywhere in the Uk. Cheers Lou
    Hiya fbg, was looking for a bit of advice on being a female cpo, I'm fairly new to the scene and completed my training in June, ed has given me your name to see if you would be able to give me some advice as how to make myself more appealable? Thank you janine
    HI fbg still interested in your role you advertised fro CPO. I would like to submit my CV to you can you send me your email address please. bigtezstags@hotmail.co.uk
    Thank you
    Hi fbg sorry for PM you yet having problems with pm systems on here been unable to send i am still interested will try and ask the moderators to sort this out to be able to send my C.V to you

    Many thanks
    Please can you give me the email address.Thanks.
    my email address:macsvodo@hotmail.co.uk
    Experience CPO who just finished a contract from iraq..please mail me on jhdaveta@yahoo.co.uk .

    Hi ,
    I Have experience 5 Years and More can you give me he Email Adress Please ,
    my Email is :
    Thank you
    Hi fbg,

    Could you please forward me the email address if the position is still open.

    With Kind Regards


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