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  • FJ,

    Live in Neiva, Colombia; have a cedula, currently in Afghanistan. Interested in the Colombia gig. Have any more information?

    Thanks, David
    your email - ssweet@harborsite.ne is not working. Where can I send what you need for the possible Gig in France? my email is ferreira@alltec.sk
    Joao Ferreira.
    Hey FJ.
    Hi my name is Colin Allen just joined this site today and was fortunate enough to come across Your post RE: Security managers in latin america. I would be obliged if you could pass my details to your contact I worked extensively in Venezuela between 2005-2009 in capacity of security director/manager of several large estates and businesses I was also personal BG to a member of the VZ judiciary and a high profile opposistion politician. I am a UK national but speak spanish well. my email is as follows bodyguard2004@hotmail.co.uk Thanks for the info.
    Best Regards.
    Colin Allen.
    Security Manager in Brazil

    Portuguese as a native language... Check
    Fluent English and Spanish... Check
    Rio and Sao paulo knowledge... Check
    Former Spanish Legionnaire
    Brazilian and Spanish Citizenship



    Gabriel Salva

    Gilles here. seems i cannot send you a PM, here is my e-mail

    gillesmercier1@yahoo.ca, actively looking for a security company in Ecuador
    <Hope you get that fast cause time is of the essence here


    Hi FJ,
    I notice that you have previously posted that you may know of positions for Spanish speakers. I wondered if you know of any current vacancies? and how I might apply for them?
    Many thanks.
    I was wondering if you may know of any companies in Latin America that are conducting Foriegn Internal Defence (F.I.D.) for police or military units. I am a Navy SEAL reservist, recently having left active duty, and frequently travel to do this type of work for the military. I know Dyncorp has participated in this field for several years but they are starting to go in other directions. do you you have any suggestions?
    Thank you.

    Speak fluent (south american) spanish, been to S. america and work since 12 years in the security industry. thanks
    Contact me i am Bodyguard In Vasque Country Spaim ,i email bernar1970@gmail.com o lok at me in facebook

    bernardo fernandez gonzalez
    Hi I'm writing from Italy, I speak Spanish and I'd like to receive more information about that work in Colombia. Just been there (my family lives there). E-mail me if you want my cv. Thank you. corrado.ao@libero.it

    I speak intermediate spanish and have over 2 years experience in LatAm. 1yr in Brazil and 14 months to date in Colombia and I am currently based in Bogota. Interested in recieving further infor reference the position mentioned in "current vacancies" as position in South America.


    Hola, soy Hervé chefe de seguridad a la embajada de francia en tùnez. DELE d'espanol tengo una experiencia de trabajo en colombia de tres anos. Ahora quasi soy un chatico. Si es possible me gustaria conocer las possibilidades de trabajo que propone. Muchas gracias.
    Hi, I Speak English, Spanish and Portuguese.
    How can I have more information about the South America job.
    Many Thanks
    I speak Spanish and spent three years in Colombia ('97 - 2000). Have visited several Souith American countries since - security audits etc.
    Hola,Soy ingles y vivo en Mexico.Soy escolta en Iraq pero me interesa mucho encontrar trabajo en cualquier parte de Sudamerica.Hablo espanol y ruso.Me interesa recibir noticias suyos sobre este puesto.Me despido de ud enviandole un cordial saludo.Many thanks,Mack.
    hello hello i am from ecuador i am in london for the last 18 years ex army officer cp badged experience all ..if you know any job in colombia or southamerica please let me know thanks, i speak spanish
    Hello SIR

    would you provide to me info about possible employment at Afghanistan.
    I am a former military with military operational experience from Iraq and also I have been worked in Iraq very recently as well as private security contractor.
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