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Recent content by gareth

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    Where did that Will/ walt post go?

    Hot off the press. How did he get away with it for so long??? https://thewaltercumpershunterclub.wordpress.com/2017/12/19/will-mcmanus-walter-mitty-anti-piracy/
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    Where did that Will/ walt post go?

    264? Foreign Legion? 2 PARA? Wonder who the WMHC are on to this time? https://www.facebook.com/The-Walter-Mitty-Hunters-Club-HQ-315222931946839/?hc_ref=ARQUHm0HZdnBCXFPk4pG-MwYJJHldvHm83yVQnh5jNfsX2NQWT3pg5wuAiIzRschn3Q&fref=nf
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    Where did that Will/ walt post go?

    I think you'll get a lot more int from blokes on here, truthfully. Back in the day this website was busier than a busy thing with many blokes working for Will. Happy hunting and please don't let us all down and do what journos usually end up doing... F**king everyone over
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    New top walt and con company!

    Tom https://www.arrse.co.uk/community/threads/will-mcmanus-big-walt.268713/
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    Where did that Will/ walt post go?

    Just musing out loud.
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    Will McManus- Walter Mitty extrordinaire?

    Wow! This has been coming for a while. I love the smell of karma first thing in the morning! how long till Will comes on here threatening legal action?
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    Scottish independance

    Lip service or real investigation? British Politicians To Face Criminal Investigation Over Scottish Referendum | Politics | RIA Novosti
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    Iraq '14 FFS

    Weird stuff going on in Turkey. ISIL opens 1'st consulate in Turkish capital - YouTube One minute they're this and the next they're that. Either a friendly NATO member since the 50's or a supplier of probable JDAM material to the psychos running this asylum?
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    Ebola Virus

    Int: LiveLeak.com - over 3000 US troops are in west africa.. WHY?
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    Australian Police Shoot Terror suspect

    Kin ell, the people that run Au aren't worried about tip-toeing around.... this is a stasi-stampede! ASIO powers to spy over the entire internet pass the Senate From now on anybody who has a warrant put (for any reason) against them and anybody in their address book and also their address...
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    ISIS unspun and bare-boned

    How ol' Mr Scahill is still alive surprises me- he makes a lot of interesting points. Considering he hasn't gone the same way as Michael Hastings he must be controlled opposition or just very lucky. Jeremy Scahill on Obama's Orwellian War in Iraq: We Created the Very Threat We Claim to be...
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    Australian Police Shoot Terror suspect

    The US or the EU are hardly free and easy and I'm very surprised that something like this hasn't been pushed through there yet. They are looking at screwing Assange and Snowden and disappearing them much like Brad Manning who rx'd 35yrs for blowing the whistle on their under-hand and illegal...
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    Australian Police Shoot Terror suspect

    This isn't just for journalists- it's for bloggers and whistleblowers alike. In fact, if you are in geographic Australia it applies to 100%of the population. They always say," If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear." Obviously the guv has lots of skeletons in their many closets...
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    Australian Police Shoot Terror suspect

    What used to happen was- they spy on the masses, get caught out and then change the law to legalise their activities. This new law they've just passed makes it illegal, and punishable by 10yrs in nick, for anybody to tell the public what they're up to if the authorities are hiding things from...
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    Scottish independance

    Looks like a lot of jocks registered to vote for the 1st time in ages, thinking it would actually make adifference, and have now have the legalised-theft people knocking at their doors. Double whammy. Turnout for Scottish referendum being used to chase missing £300M from poll tax cheats |...
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