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  • Yeah mate, deep breaths! drop me an email sometime mate & we can talk properly. richard2488@googlemail.com
    stay safe bud
    Hi mate, sorry for not getting back to you sooner.
    I emailed info@pro-tech security international a couple of weeks ago looking for work. then this Mitchell guy emailed me from their address asking if Id be available to do a course in the phillapines prior to deployment, so try emailing them mate asking for work!. After I replied to him, he emailed my again from jeff.mitchell67@yahoo.com, thats when the alarms atarted ringing & saw your post on cp world. Iv tried contacting him again mate for you, just asking about the job etc, but so far Iv not had a reply. You could try the old "my mate gave me your name, looking for work" email?? Hope this might have helped mate.
    Stay safe,
    Hi mate, Just had an email from a "friend" of yours, a certain jeff mitchell asking if I was available to do a course in the pillippines prior to deployment!!. Read your post on here & just wanted to say thanks for the heads up on him.
    Stay safe mate,
    Hi there,
    Can you re-send the CV - for some reason the account was inactive, it's now active - luxurytravel123@yahoo.co.uk - thanks so much.
    with regards to pro tech.......If they offer a contract with a £1000 deposit from myself and rest to pay out of my wages is this all above board? I think its genuine...trying to convince the wife! I wa told you cant fail the course?
    Hello Royal
    Did my time on the circuit so can smell shonky from a mile off and this protech thing smells like my dhobi on a sunday morning

    The guy i referred to is bro in law 1 ex army but only did 18 months got out in 92 so really is a civvie. Taken the bait from the bro in law 2 who is a fat knacker ex arty who himself been out 10 yrs with ideas way above his station.
    Bro in law 2 just done SIA CP course yet has just forked out 2.5K with these protech eejits for further firearms trg. thinks hes gucci getting a philippines gig.
    Now bro in law 1 (who is harry skinters) has got all excited about bro in alw 2 so roped into forking our 4.5k to these clowns. I told him to at least do due diligence before he parts with his $$. But it all sounds shit to me. Lot of history between me and bro in law 2 which comlicates the issue but any shit you can give me about pro tech will hopefully make bro in alw 1 see sense (probably more than this email!)

    Nije Thorpe bootneck 1986-98
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