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  • Our main DS trainer is an ex-copper. If you sit the course with us, I will make sure hes the traininer. You dont need to be told how to do the job, but you will need to be told UK law, who better than a cop..!

    If you are interested at all, then send me an email chris@bksecurity.ltd.uk

    ello mate,
    i dont know loads regarding work in other cities and alike so we shall skip over that bit.
    However if you would like to do your DS course in London, I am more than happy to put you on one of our courses. They work out at £200. But if you come back and do a first aid, or handcuff course then I will reduce the follow up price for you .

    The way it works over here is that the training provider uses an awarding body. This awarding body gives out the certificates and stuff. Us at BK security uses a special one which gets your results to you in a matter of days. The largest awarding bodies in the UK will get your results to you in a minimum of 2 weeks. So if you are looking to get into work fast, then come sit the course with us.
    Cox Security Services (CSS) - Loughborough, United Kingdom - Small Business | Facebook
    These lot are based in the area you're looking at. From what I know they are reliable, but I don't know how much security guarding they do. I mostly know about them as Door Supervisors and event security.
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