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  • Since 2013 Autumn I now work with the rich and famous instead of protecting diplomats in high risk places and today ofter in fantastic residents
    instead of dirtholes in Kabul or Kandahar. My company have been active all time just changed clients.
    Only run a few firearms courses when requested, and sometime protective driving including offensive driving techn.
    Please stop sending me visitor messages, Im not often here due to fulltime work. If you need to get hold of me Contact me thrue pm or my website heimrisks.com thx. Hawk
    actually i spent most the time search for job i`m iraqi citizen and i have a good experience in security cause i was as PSD with security company in iraq and i was translator with U.S , U.K and Italian forces also I been HSE in the oil field in southern iraq so you can say i have a good qualifications that you need , now I live in south iraq in Thi Qar province you should know my location in the map because you have a good idea about iraq , Now how can i get a job or let say how can i send my C.V for you .
    Name : Saleh J Saad
    Email: wwiraqww27@yahoo.com
    Cell Phone inside iraq: 07802864284
    Cell Phone outside iraq: +9647802864284

    i appreciate you so much .
    Thank you
    Sorry ... I'm Brazilian 36 years.
    I am interested in information about companies that give training to work abroad.
    How have you found that works reliably only requested informations if you could help me. Or how to work as a security guard outside my country


    Hi Heimrisks
    Will be finished my CP Course on 20 March, do you think G4s will still be employing in the middle of the year ? Thanks RAY
    Hello.Im ex MP Specialized Platoon.14 yrs experience./PSD/PMC HRPT.
    6 operators ex Special Forces and MP Polish Armd Forces,looking for work.Team.

    Not to be a pest but i recently found some information on your company and was curious if you currently have an vacancies? Thank you for your time.

    Much Respect,
    Hello Hawk,
    I am a South African Police officer with 19 years service.I have qualifications in VIP protection,SWAT,Crime investigation,Field Training Officer,Hostage negotiator and is currently an Intelligence operative.Do you perhaps have any contacts or know who is currently hiring for cp or high risk security in Africa ,Middle East or globaly?Any help will be very much appreciated my email is i_conradie@yahoo.com. Thanks a lot.Stay safe!!!
    I have done firearms training in the past (with Trojan securities international) i have just been in disscussions about a new job which will be armed and as my last official training was over two years ago they are asking for some more recent certified training.
    So my question to you is do you do a short course that focuses on the basics of weapon handleing and safety. i have had a look at other companies and there are alot of courses but very few seem to just focus on the basics. I am interested in doing more courses in the future to develop and refresh on more advanced technique etc but at the moment the basics are all i am looking for.
    If it would be better to call and discuss options that would be great
    hi hawak! just wanna know if those EMT your looking for are going to work in AE (EMS) ambulance ? what are the benifits included? Thanks alot stay safe@!
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