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  • Hi Hicstar,

    excuse my ignorance do you need any specific qualifications/courses to work in afghanistan in the role you have?

    ive done extensive wkpr work in the military, however i have since left and if you have time could you give me some direction on breaking into the market??

    Hi Hicstar

    Along with everybody else I am also unable to pm you my CV.

    Please email me on theunitprotectiongroup@live.fr so that I can forward you my CV. I am available for work asap.
    hi there,
    I also cannot pm you for some reason.

    Ex parachute regiment, signals platoon, spent two tours of iraq working as a radio op/watch keeper role in the ops room. Well trained in all types of comms/ECM equipment and IT.

    Lots of real experience of operating radios in hostile situations, sending contact reports and relaying information/recording events at battalion level.

    available to work straight away. can forward full cv, my email is jfk4128@hotmail.co.uk

    many thanks
    Hi Hickstar,

    I am currently working in Iraq with Aegis PSC.
    My Current contract expires on 27 July 2011 and I would be very interested in your Vacancy.
    I have worked in the Regional Ops rooms and SET-Det Ops rooms as Watchkeeper/Assistant Ops.
    I have Experience in all HF/VHF comms equipment, I have worked with Tapestry (tracking system), Codan, Icom, Bgan, Idirect, Iridium, and am IT competent.
    I can repair Radios and fit out Vehicles with all comms and camera equipment,
    If you require futher info/my CV just ask.

    Skype: jeff.mccloy

    Kind Regards

    Jeff McCloy
    Hi Hicstar,

    I have over 6 years of Ops/Watchkeeper role in Iraq and still on it till now, with vast experiences. We monitor via Track 24, MTS, VDO and the norm by VHF, HF, Thuraya, GSM phone, VOIP and Skype. With an incident, I can send it to any part of the world via internet in photo-shot or Google earth. We can plot and track on Google earth overlays. I have also knowledge on ECM vehicle fit mounted and operation. The Watchkeeping role to cover Radio outdoor fits and mounting on Operational vehicles and Ops Room new setup.

    I'm also an ex Rotor Wing Pilot with experiences in SAR Missions and quick-point decisions on matters of importance or emergencies. Also experiences in operation Peace Missions in Lebanon, Sinai-Egypt and the Kuwait-Iraq Boarder.

    I could be reached on the following email: iosefo.naduva@gmail.com if a copy of my CV is required etc and I could be available for work asa required.


    Hi Hicstar

    Along with everybody else I am also unable to pm you my CV.

    I have 5 years Ops/Watchkeeper experience in a number of locations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Also my background is 13 years R.Sigs.

    Please email me on johnbrookwell01@hotmail.com so that I can forward you my CV. I am available for work asap.
    Hi Hicstar
    i have experience as a watchkeeper working in Gereshk amongst other high profile serveillance watchkeeping, in a fast tempo group.
    i have done 8 years R.Signals and worked in iraq,afghanistan and N.Ireland
    i am a quallified CPO with a SIA liscence as well to give added flexibility to the teams
    please e-mail me and i can forward on my CV mrjpeach@gmail.com
    available for work at very short notice

    HI hictsar, i have the required hostile area watchkeeper ops-room experience in afgahnistan but dont know how to get my CV to you as i cannot yet post PM to you..,
    Hello I am currently working in Kabul, I run the BDOC for a US Army COP. If you can please email me at alfonsoaguiler@reedinc.com I will forward my CV. Thank You.
    Hicstar. I am interested in the I am currently working in Kabul and have experience as a Watchkeeper. As is the case with all the other guys I am unable to send you a PM. Please mail me at donschoeman@yahoo.com
    Hi, working in Kabul currently. 6 years experience as watchkeeper/comms manager Iraq and Afghanistan. Ex R Signals 14 years. Can you please send your email address to comms@mercurywireless.co.uk and I'll forward my CV to you. Unable to PM. Thank you.
    I would be interested by the watchkeeper position in Kabul, A-stan. I ve been serving in the french marine infantry paratroopers regiment as a designated marksman and infantry team leader, and I'm currently employed as a counter piracy team member by an british company. I stay available on my mail adress qygorra@live.fr if you need me to send you my cv.

    Thank you for the post,

    Quentin Ygorra
    hi , i saw the posting for a wtacxhokeeper in kabul. i have quite a few years experience in being an ops control room spoecialist with dyncorps poppy eradication force
    if u email me at ian@boschindustries.co.za i can forward you my compelete cV for perusal..
    Ian Bosch
    i have 6 years experience in iraq and 1 year 5 months in afghnistan in kabul working again now in iraq as site security manager for SABRE and have a lot security experience not only as policeofficer but also in hostile eviroment please my email sniffman22@yahoo.com so i can send you my cv

    I cannot PM you, I currently am on contract in Kabul and will be able to transition very smoothly. If you could please shoot me an email that would be great--if possible PM me. Thank you.


    I am having difficulties in sending you a private message through the forum. Could you please send me your email address, so I can forward you the details of my experience as Watchkeeper as you request in your post.

    My email: tomo5071@hotmail.com

    Kind regards.

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