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  • Hi Hidro

    Recentley saw a post of yours, are you currently looking for security consultants? i have over 20 years security exp, 17 of those in CP, 7 years military exp with armoured recce and was on HMS Monmouth attached for a few months, cheers

    Hidro, I have 4 years experience as a marsec TL, I have just had a task cancelled so I am available to deploy immediately.

    Hi Hidro, Regarding the fast ball you have just posted, I do have the experience you are requiring, however Im on task in Haiti at the present time, back in the UK in DEC, If you have anymore opportunities I would like to introduce myself to you on my return. Please would you e-mail me you e-mail address so that I can forward my CV on. Regards Darren close-protection-security@hotmail.co.uk 07946644192
    Hi, interested in the vacancy for female cpo in afgan but cant seen to get on the website.
    Hidro,thank you for your reply and advise.I knew this is gonna be very hard work.Thought it would be good to try at least!!Thanks for your input.
    Hi there Hidro!

    I read your ad re: Medical Operations in Iraq.

    Could you tell me where I can send e-mail or CV to to apply for this post please?

    I am a civilian paramedic (UK) with military experience and skills.

    Many thanks,


    Hi Antobei .
    If you ever need an ex legionnaire 2rep with maritime/medic/cpo experience then send a PM. I have also seen yourPosts in legion forum I think ?
    Stay Safe Kevin
    I read the newest vancancies that you had just posted and am wondering whom is receiving resumes for both the Medical trainer and Regional Medic positions in bagdad.
    sorry if it seems weird i dont no how to make a thread it took me ages to b able to add that to my intro and his last name was mitchell sorry if u thort it was doggy hope u belive me many thanks jag also i joined cp world in oct time but didnt no i had to do a intro thing thats y its only just come on now
    Hey there Antobei
    Im Dean from New Zealand, Im currently working in West Africa, l Have a Brasillian Girlfriend here and have looked at moving to Brasil to work but am under the impression work oppurtunities are limited there, I dont speak Portugese, What are your thoughts?

    Take it easy
    hi antobei it's Mauro from Italy.I'am a 5 experience guy with english spanish and french speaking.i'am looking for a training to do that can give me work like contractor in maritime territory like in high risk territories.i hope you can give me some informations or links where i can find something real.thanks for your time regards Mauro
    Hi, no experience on board ship, but 4 yrs infantry, 14 yrs Police Northern Ireland and 4 yrs PSD/CP Iraq. Recently finished with Aegis and on the look out for something new. I realise you may get loads like this, but, we all gotta try!
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