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  • Hippy' I'm presuming you're the same Ritz frequenting Cad from the Fiat J***** site who was somewhat unwell recently(?).
    I left in Dec after 22, looking to get started in this world, any advice would be gratefully received!

    I would have pm'd but I don't have that the req'd post count yet!

    If this is mistaken identity, please accept my apologies, no offence was intended!

    Hi HippyI am currently 18 years of age and in exellent physical condition and almost finished with matric. I am interested in doing maritime security work, especially in the coast of Somalie. I am planning to do my SSO course three week from now and will also complete my weapons courses to be able to prove that I am competent with sidearms and Rifles.Do you think this training is sufficient enough to stand a chance in getting a job in this field. I would really appreciate it a lot if you could give me your opinion and also make recommendations as to what other courses I should complete to give me an advantage in applying for this job.Thanks a lot
    Hi Hippy.
    Not sure I know you but certainly recognise some of your members.
    Any chance you can add me to the group please.
    Cheers Mo Morrison
    Thanks for the advice, I am too old and crusty for the exemption to the trg, as I did my course 93 and last tour 2002.
    I will get in touch with the contact you advised.
    If you have any good contacts for work UK only I would be very grateful.

    Best wishes
    Hi Hippy,
    We all get good and bad days, lets say: hope all goes as smooth as possible ;-)
    Take care,
    Hippy Thanks for getting back to me,

    It was something I picked up on in a post of yours during the last several days about you being an employer but would only take on guys with experience in investigating and thinking outside the box or words to that effect. I was wondering if you would look at my experience on my personal page to see if I would measure up to you high standards. It does'nt paint the whole picture a I purposefully ommitted my Det's attachment and some other work I've done in my time. My point being if you are looking for guys in the future keep me in mind.


    Hipster! Mate, your post on the interviews was sooooo helpful, i just had to PM you to say thanks!! I have a BIG interview tomorrow with HSBC at Canary Wharf.. I'm good at my job and alll those years (joke: i've been in the area for a mere 5yrs) have helped me learn the requirements of a topboy in the security arena.
    thanks again and will let you know how it goes.. (not that you'll be interested of course! lol).


    Hi Hippy

    Could please advise I see that you mentioned the MSc in Risk & Security Mgt, do you have any examples of work that is needed to give me both the flavour and idea what would be expected if I enrol.
    my email is risk_security@hotmail.co.uk
    Ian Goodman MSyI
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