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  • Just read one of your old posts about training to become a tier 2 medic. Are you guys still doing training?
    Hello Guys/Girls

    As we are approaching our ELCAS review next month we are adjusting all course prices to ensure students gain the most from there ELCAS credits, Prices are as follows:

    CP Refresher £750
    FPOS I £350
    FPOS I Refresher £250
    MIRA £750
    MIRA Refresher £500
    MSO City & Guilds £400
    MSO Fast-track £400
    MFFC £350
    PTTLS £400

    Close protection + FPOS I £1500
    Close protection + FPOS I + MIRA £2250
    CP Refresher + FPOS I £1000
    CP Refresher + FPOS I + MIRA £1750
    FPOS I & MIRA £1000
    FPOS I & MSO £750
    FPOS I & MSO & MFFC £1000
    MSO & MFFC £750

    *All above prices are subject to Vat

    For further information or to book a place on any of the above course's please 'contact' training@horizon.uk.com

    Thank You

    I have read your post about the HR manager position in Scotland with great interest.
    I am a successful female CP operative who is also working for British airways in Customer services and before that I was working as a PA.
    Originally from Austria I have been living in the U.K. for 12 years. I am looking to relocate to get out of busy London, find a more permanent base and further my career in the process. Be assured I am a competent individual with a talent for organisation and problem solving.
    I would appreciate it if you could let me know where I can send my CV to.
    Very kind regards,
    If you want to do some work for free I may be able to put you in touch with someone in Scotland (no guarantees) drop me an email on cgt2408@gmail.com
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