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  • Hi ilyas,

    Noticed you viewed my page (not much to see, but working on it), just thought I would returning the viewing .

    Happy New Year to you, I hope the year is good to you

    Hi ilyas,

    Noticed you viewed my profile. I wanted to say hi. I am new to the industry and am always looking to learn more and be guided by those with the experience. If ok with you I may contact you in the near future to do just that.

    Stay Safe
    Dear Fellow Members/Moderators-Management.

    Wishing you all & your loved ones a "MERRY XMAS WITH A SAFE PEACEFULL NEW YEAR" stay safe.

    Kind Regards

    Hi Ilyas,
    Noticed you viewed my profile so i'd like to introduce myself more formally.
    I have stated that i'm looking to eventually become a CPO, however i'm looking for available work at the moment to gain experience around my current day job before making the full transition. What advice/knowledge do you have? Are there any companies you would recommend that would provide full employment and guaranteed work?
    Jamie Rowland
    Just having a look at your profile as I could see you had a look at mine. Hope you are well.

    Kind regards. PH
    Hi ilyas, I see your from the Manchester area too and involved in CP. Is there much CP work available in Manchester?

    Im currently in Kenya but soon to be leaving the Armed Forces. Would you recommend the Ronin South Africa course?


    Hi, just looking around and noticed you had viewed my profile so was having a look at yours.


    Hello ilyas I hope to be fine , anyway you visited my profile now I`m in your profile but the different between us you visited me as friend to see what's going on in my profile I know was empty nothing in it but I`m in your profile to ask you question do you have any idea about how can i get job in Iraq if yes? can you send email for me please wwiraqww27@yahoo.com
    Hi mate, I wanted to ask what advice can you give me on being 22 years old and wanting to take a hostile CPO course. Grateful for any info thanks nick.
    Hello many thanks for the welcome message, hope 2013 brings us all prosperity.
    I am a fully qualified Maritime Security Operator and SSO now completing a Close protection Course

    Adam Smith
    Hello Ilyas. Many thanks for the welcome. Unable to currently send private message via CPW? Have no idea why (perhaps a member can advise me)? Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year.

    Kind regards,

    Davies Enquiries.
    Dear All,

    Wishing you & families a happy xmas, together with a peacefull new year.

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