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  • hello mate i cant seem to post a comment so i will just ask you as you are a long term user, i was injured in afgan in 2007 now i have fully recoverd from my injuries but i am fully deaf in my right ear but my left eaer is ok, do you think i could be employed doing cp in hostile envirments after i have got my licnence????
    Stuartclayton - 22-11-2012 08:44 - permalink Edit Report
    Hi all I am relatively new to this web site.
    I am ex army and have all rya power boat courses and radio courses I have been and a qualified commercial diver. I have always wanted to do counter piracy and was just wandering the best way to get in to it. Any advice be much appreciated many thanks stu
    Hey mucker, deposit paid.. I've a CV done that was made when I was down at a 1 day workshop for leaving the army, I think it's more a civi CV than anything. Defo needs work done to it.
    Hey ilyas, cheers for goin on my page, just new, booked on concepts course for start of 2013, was just wondering if u had any info on how to actually break through into your 1st job, an companies that employ.. Thanks mucker
    Hey Ilyas.

    Thanks mate, I wanted to put more on there but because of the lack of room in the boxes you fill out I had to settle for the more pertinent info on the CV.

    Thanks for the offer, I'll send you a test mail from my account and I'll give you a few more details about why I'm thinking about getting into CP work. Nothing major, just think I'm looking for a new direction in my work life you know?

    Hey Ilayas!
    Thanks for the welcome to the forum and visiting my page! As you can probably tell from the CV, I'm hoping to break into the CP industry? I'd much appreciate any advice you could give me, or pass on any hints or tips to do this from your 19 years in the industry?

    Thanks again
    Thank you ilyas for responding to my message, I shell follow them up and keep you informed of any outcome.

    Many thanks
    Hi ilayas,
    Thanks for visiting my page, obviously not much on yet but hopefully will start to beef it out as time goes by.
    Take care
    Good afternoon ilyas, and thank you for your time in visiting my page, I am still learning the ropes as a user of cp world.
    As a longterm Registered user of cp world, may I ask that if you have any contacts within the Marsec industry that you might introduce me.

    Many thanks

    hi ilyas thanks for visiting my page any help on impoveing it would really help still pritty confused as t how to use cp world.


    Hello Ilyas

    i must admit i am finding it difficult to navigate and post to CP world if you can offer any advise, I would be delighted


    Thanks for visiting my page. if you have any suggestions on how to improve it please let me know. Also if you know of any available contracts, I am available to deploy worldwide.
    many thanks
    Hi, thanks for visiting my page, still trying to figure this site out and to be honest the whole CP world in general. Profile much imporved now, although any opinions or advice would be gratefully received. Many thanks
    Hi Ilyas, thanks for visiting my page - I am still in the process of updating my profile if you require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact me
    Hello, I am Valon From Kosovo. I want to take a CP course at Ronin UK but i dont have enought infos about the course and other details. Also i would love to know what are the chances of getting a job after the course, since i am from Kosovo.. thnks..
    Hi iIyas , your profile is quite amazing,,plse can you help me secure a job as a remote medic in any part of the world as l did try under various companies but to no avail ,,hope you will help me with contacts to make
    HI ilyas thanks for looking at my profile. New to all this so just trying to get things sorted. I completed my cp course with Excellentia, an amazing course, i hope to be able to get some work soon
    HI Ilyas..Thought u can help me...:) Do u know any Companies doing CP work in Ibiza...???!! Thanx, hope to hear from u soon.
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