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  • Hi,

    I read you reply you directed to rassman about the report forms and I was wondering if you could email it to me as well my email is (ferenc.r@live.com)

    I have completed my training last year and now I am developing my knowledge.

    Thank you.
    The mobi is a good piece of kit, various retailers around SystemQ have them too, I understand that there is a 2 channel version too, having said that used with a small quad you could make up a good little system , such as Ben Wall shows in his book
    Ha! who freeze framed the video then?!!!!

    Yes, it came with a 150Gig hard drive. Had no problems with it.... They are very expensive. You can actually buy the DVR's for about £290.00 from SCS Lts

    Hi Stuart,

    Sorry for the late reply, i changed aim slightly and am now out in Afghanistan doing CP work for the Brit Embassy but am looking to move out to the states doing CP/surveillance. But will eventually be coming back to the UK to work in the industry. Do you know of any companies out there, california/Nevada way. How are things going back in the UK. Plenty of work?

    Hello Intrinsic,

    We would like to invite you our "You Share, You Join" program.
    Participate the "You Share, You Join" program, you can be the first to experience the newest Intelligent Video Surveillance - AVN80X. Furthermore, after sharing your review for this AVN80X on the Internet, AVN80X will be yours. If you are interested in this program, please contact me: vera.hung@avtech.com.tw
    Thank you for your time.
    KV, how's it going mate? I'm now a cpo and waiting for a job to start, been taken on by Garda World but waiting for a space to open up, couple of months probably. I hope work is still keeping you busy, a bored rock is a dangerous thing, lol. keep in touch mate, later, Atky
    Hi Chris, Glad you enjoyed Pete's course, I guess it's a little different from when i was there nearly ten years ago and I'm sure thing will have changed a bit, I might go and do a refresher sometime, however my business partner did his with Argus Europe and wants to do one with them.
    I have a few things in the pipeline with work and will keep you informed as and when anything happens.

    Hi Stu,

    Just finished Pete Jenkins' 2 week course and got to say it was superb. Learnt so much about foot & Mobile Surveillance. Pete seemed to think it was a really successful course and that we were all at a high level.

    Hopefully now i can gain some form of employment to further my skills and also pass on what i learnt to other Ops who havent yet done courses.

    Hi Chris, Good to hear from you. I'll keep in touch and if you can let me know how you get on with your courses. I'd be interested to hear about new tactics and drills, any pre course stuff you may need give us a bell

    Spoke to you on the phone the other day about employment. Just thought i would let you know that this is my user profile and that i will forward you my CV as you asked.

    Cheers Chris K.
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