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  • Hi i am currently looking at starting a security company and would appreciate any advise or guidance you can offer. please share your experiences about your initial start ie. how hard its is to gain contracts? what did you charge per guard per hour? did you start from home office or rented? how fast did your company grow? what services did you start with? how did you beat the competition? what was the initial start up cost? any information would be great I am just after a rough guide to help me decide if starting a company is right for me.
    Hello ISD
    I am sorry for not pm you, but I cart done pm.
    I was wondering if the garmin 60csx is still for sale.
    All the best clive
    Hello mate,

    Do you still have the cleaning kit and drop leg? If so ill have the off you. Drop me a PM.


    Hi ISD,
    Thanks for your reply, I'm still interested in your kit. My email is mj.crane@tiscali.co.uk
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