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  • Hey, i dont have eough posts for PMs and i rather not spam just to get my count up.

    Any chance you can PM me regarding training options in Prague?
    I understand you or your company offer courses in P.I & surveillance work, and was hoping you could shed more light for me in terms of what the final outcome would be by way of qualifications or certificates etc.
    Also, could you please advise me how to go about building contacts (or would I learn this on any course(s) you offer).

    Thank you.
    I picked up two PV690 last year for £75, bargain! I guess the Global version with their extras are expensive, saying that I understand that it has been discontinued. I will look into some larger HD's and let you know

    Hi Peter, I just watched your Video on Youtube(Very Good) on there you have a PV609s from Globe Police Solutions and noticed that it has 156.25 GB remaining on the hard drive, did you install the HD yourself and does it support it ok, as I only have a 80gb in my two as standard and was hoping to expand the size of the HD
    I have been pointed to iss for a course on a surveillance in northern ireland. I am ex forces but have little surveillance under my belt. Do you think the right course could open doors to employment within northern ireland? Cheers
    Hi Peter I done your surveillance course a couple of years ago, very good it was too, Im selling my CPM 700 deluxe model and other bits and pieces, if any students passing through your courses would like to purchase any of these bits please point them in my direction. Many thanks Steve the Locksmith

    Just a random message to say, considering we have never met, how pleasing it was to be up north a few weeks back (to see the kids) and have clapped eyes on a professional looking cyclist beasting himself in the sticks on his bike, sporting some dazzling advertising on the frame.....were my eyes decieving me or was this indeed your sponsership?

    Kind Regards

    Just read your post and tried to pm you but your box is full, let me know when there is space so i can send you my contact details you requested.
    Speak to you soon cheers,
    Hi Pete,

    I was looking on your website at the course dates for this year. Is there anything on later in the year I'm off to the Falklands for a few months and not back till April, may time.

    many thanks,

    Jonathon Faragher
    Dear Peter,

    ISS training Ltd.

    I've tried PM YOU. But I haven't done enough posts to send a private message to you this is the only when I can send one anyway can you contact me and I'll ring you.
    Hi Pete,

    I came across some of your previous posts on mobile phone tracking during a google search.

    I am a trustee of a small ambulance charity that are just begining to look at tracking options to assist in the deployment of resources at a couple of large scale events that we cover.

    We have a limited budget so the phone option did seem to fit the bill but if its not perticually acurate then its probably not worth trying.

    Could you recommend any thing that may help.

    Kind regards

    Received your book yesterday (29th June). Bought it from your publishers using the link you provided on a post on CPW. Excellent book. Surpassed my expectations. A 'must have' manual for any and everyone involved in surveillance and security in general. Thoughtfully dedicated as usual. Fair play to you. MW.
    A quick message for Pete Jenkins. I've just registered on here today and posted an "Advice Please" on the surveillance jobs forum. A member has pointed me in your direction. I'm currently a serving Police officer. 20 years experience with a back ground of firearms and surveillance. I'm currently Level 1 and 2 trained, Advanced driver, CROPS, photography etc. I've been an Ops Comm / TL on firearms and surveillance and have some training experience also. Thinking about getting out of public service and into the industry but don't have a clue what to expect or what sort of position i could get. Any advice welcomed. Thanks.
    Hi Pete,

    Just wondering if you know much about Phoenix CP course. Was just wondering if their course is one of the better ones. Am going to branch out and do CP too if the surveillance jobs are quiet. tryin to put a few eggs into a few baskets.

    Am now bored back at work lol. Looking forward to moving back to Howarth soon.


    HI Pete,

    Could you give us a steer on Radios. What radio would you reccomend for a vehicle set i gather most operators use UHF good for both rural and urban SV.

    And is that the same for handhelds as well


    Hi Peter,

    Just wanted your thoughts on using a black Hackney cab for a surveillance vehicle just been toying with the idea as it can be used in different roles.

    Thanks pete

    Hi, Fantastic website you have...I've sent a contact request so hope to hear from you soon....ps if you sign up for the course does it include your book?
    Thanks very much, Laura
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