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Recent content by J20

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    Back down to pre maternity weight and back to training, not bad after 6 weeks of having Logan! :)

    Back down to pre maternity weight and back to training, not bad after 6 weeks of having Logan! :)
  2. J

    On maternity leave until jan 2013

    On maternity leave until jan 2013
  3. J

    Best Protein Shake

    If you order Dinosaur Nutrition protein from my website, or go to themain Dinosaur Nutrition website and order and use the CODE FFM 10, I am offering 10% on orders placed in the next week before I go to Italy. If you purchase 2 or more products then P & P is free within the UK. Don't knock it...
  4. J

    Help me please :(

    Ok as a strength and conditioner I would advise you professionally, to go and see a sports therapist who will be able to tell you if you have torn or pulled the muscle or have damaged the ligaments when you plantar flex, (put your foot on the floot and flex the ankle pivet joint) or if its just...
  5. J

    Help me please :(

    LMFAO haha
  6. J

    Help me please :(

    Just sounds like stopping and starting excuses not to do it... Think of something you would like to do rather than something you can't or are finding excuses not to do. Do something you enjoy, its not meant to make you sore to the sense you can't walk for days, there is not point in doing it...
  7. J

    Help me please :(

    Evening, im not sure how long you have been away from school, but warm ups have changed considerably over the years. Static stretchng is really a no no nowadays, and I would reccommend that you walk for at least 5 minutes to get your blood circulating into the muscles. Seen as your calves are...
  8. J

    ** update**

    Well done. Are you doing it for world peace, or isn't it that sort of competition ? Not that sort of competition, its quite a selfish sport tbh. However, I am willing if anyone needs a skantily clad muscle bound lady to help promote their charity, I will do any charity work for free, esp...
  9. J

    ** update**

    Morning, firstly I have good news, I have in my clutches one return ticket to Italy :) I would just like to say a huge thank you for the support of people its amazing and totally overwhelming. Just got back from working in big smoke, so training schedule was a big buggered, but back to it now...
  10. J

    At what stage of the process do we engage with the issue of physical fitness..?

    It should be consistent and regular, before, during and after. I see posts for example I have a selections weekend coming up tips for getting fit please." and " please can you help me with my fitness, I have such n such coming up." but who after getting selected or going on particular courses...
  11. J

    Classification of fitness

    There is definitely a huge hole in the fence Carl, yes that is for sure, when it comes to the physical capabilities and requirements in this industry. Not only CP but the whole spectrum within the security industry. If you fail the fitness at the first hurdle surely that is a very big indicator...
  12. J

    Classification of fitness

    Evening gents, hope your all well :) My personal view on it is, being fit for purpose, general ability to be able to carry out most physical tasks competently. Ie simular turning up for work being ready and able to actually carry out the task, with the appropriate equipment etc. Even though I...
  13. J

    ** update**

  14. J

    ** update**

    ;) Hi ladies and gents of the gym section. I am after your help. Firstly an up date, I competed at the weekend and managed to achieve 2nd place at the IBFA British Championships :) so my hard work paid off. Yesterday I had the shock of my life and received and invitation to attend the IBFA...
  15. J

    Important announcement - CP World networking event - Fri 8th April 2011

    Wont be attending I am working im afraid.
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