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Recent content by james1

  1. J

    Skip Trace Australia

    a client is in need of a skip trace for a male based in Melbourne australia. its purely to ascertain an address so the client can serve papers. anyone will expertise in Australia please drop me a pm to discuss further. thanks guys/girls.
  2. J

    Over seas training and employment with SF

    Best laugh I ve had today- although it's still early.... I have seen similar style taskings beforehand....they do exist.......this isn't one of those however.... For all the Walts with big ideas and shit for brains- good luck!
  3. J

    Bad Drills for Czech President

    Woeful.....as some have said its time for a clear out- top to bottom..... The shameful (or lack thereof) display continues when the suspect is allowed to 'shoot' the president and then walk off and stand on a street corner still armed with the weapon.....he hands the weapon over voluntarily...
  4. J

    Why o why

    'Another cp task successfully completed'- as a status update on someone I knows Facebook......... Shameful. J
  5. J

    POC for Blue Hackle recruitment?

    Unless your a yank they aren't recruiting. J.
  6. J

    anyone had work from this company

    minimum risk are one of the bigger more established companies...i m surprised you ve never come across them... i ve worked for them and they are a good company, pay on time..nuff said. j.
  7. J

    Walt posing as 40 Commando Delta Company

    Best put your tin hat on pal.........innnnncommming lol J
  8. J

    What's wrong with young ppl these days ;)))

    Normally when someone mentions sweaty breasts I m first in line! On this occasion I think I ll give it a miss! J
  9. J

    Re: "Urgent requirement" post

    Well that's me told now then, I ll stop applying for all the dog handler jobs ; ) Applying for female positions when the applicant is male has gotta be the best one...... J
  10. J

    Re: "Urgent requirement" post

    It won't change that's the sad fact......although getting rid of those who can't even read is a start...... J
  11. J

    Urban Krav Maga offer London

    prestige, clear your pms. you ve got one inbound. j.
  12. J

    Any one worked for or know MARSEC Salama Fikira?

    if you get onboard then theres work there for you....simple as that. both the directors as has been said are top blokes and both family men with an interest in keeping their guys safe and well looked after, i stayed with one of the directors at his house for abit...top man, top family...... j.
  13. J

    SIA LICENCE Minded to Refuse?

    Letters of reference from people of good standing and a letter explaining how out of character your actions were.....I say good luck to the OP, hope it works out for you, lesson learnt I m sure. J
  14. J

    SIA LICENCE Minded to Refuse?

    Anyone fancy a guess what the number will be come the end of the year?! J
  15. J

    Why we do it and why we love it.

    picking up on your last paragraph.... i rode motorbikes before i ever drove a car and i can tell you that it taught me to be a better driver....so easy to be 'half asleep' driving a car..... j.
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