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Recent content by jcd

  1. J


    ay ay all the farmers boys
  2. J

    to 24/7 stop no more headache and madness from you

    well i just wanna say thanks to nero , nuff said .cheers bro .
  3. J

    Maritime security jobs - massiminos Blog

    Minimal def looking for people for maritime security , TLs and team members . need to upload CV to minimal web site to view and apply if not already registered with them.
  4. J

    Saudi task/Friday 28/11/08

    i also got reply to-day ,NO mention of having to pay for flights ,niether did they ask for bank details . ?????? Dunno whats going on .
  5. J

    Female CPO Afghanistan

    go to 4exmill website where add is , email the guys at 4 exmill , or email armor group .
  6. J

    5,000 illegal immigrants working as security guards in UK?

    SO WHAT!!!! remember that when you cant get the job you applied for because the company took on one of thes people ,for half of what you would do the job for .
  7. J

    Jobs iraq

    ref recon int , the jobs on www.secureaspects.com all info there
  8. J

    Bitching and arguing within the forum.

    Hey why not have a special forum for all those that wanna BITCH N MOAN.
  9. J

    ex Legion

    now then pepe ! :-) chill
  10. J

    ex Legion

    Its not the job that requires ten ex FFL, thats in question. thats my last word on it anyway. will now respect your request for any further contact to be via p.m. all best and be safe .
  11. J

    ex Legion

    Theres a suprise !!!!
  12. J

    ex Legion

    YOU GUYS WANNA CHECK OUT UKPSD ,for some info on klockan/rudy.
  13. J

    Your thoughts please guys.........

    think there may be another moral to that story ie the qualaty of a company that would hire you as a P.S.D. team leader convoy , on the strentgh of you being and know offense meant here , a Trucker albeit a good one.
  14. J

    ex Legion

    check this KLOCKAN guy out on S.A.
  15. J

    got a taste of CP

    Good ol I.S.A. EH!
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