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Recent content by jicolanane

  1. J

    Female cpo/dog handler needs work!!!

    Havent had an luck getting any dog work i sent my cv to lots of companies but nothing really. Have you tried loking at www.nasdu.co.uk there are dog handling jobs on there. At the moment i am doing some RST work at the moment but havent entirely given up on doing more dog work!!!
  2. J

    Specialist PSD Dog Handlers

    Hey. I have emailed you my cv did you receive it? which company is this for when does it start?
  3. J

    Female cpo/dog handler needs work!!!

    Thanks for that peggers i have sent them my cv and now will just have to wait i guess!!!!
  4. J

    Female cpo/dog handler needs work!!!

    Hi I recently did my cp course and i really need some work and i wondered if anyone could help, I am also a search dog handler if anyone needs one of them too!!! Cheers Nicky
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