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Devon, UK
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Close Protection
Previous Experience/Places Worked
Angola, Afghanistan, Trinidad & Tobago, North Sea, UK
I am an energetic, hardworking and self motivated HSE Off shore medic with a comprehensive nursing background and a keen interest in pursuing a varied career. I enjoy team working and am involved in a wide range of extracurricular activities.
I am a Registered Nurse, with 8 years experience in a variety of clinical environments including hospital emergency departments, community, remote clinics
Key Skills
Supra-pubic & urethral catheterisation - 2008
Bowel assessment & Management - 2008
Venepuncture - 2010
Basic Life Support & Defibrillator, including Anaphylaxis - 2010
Liverpool Care Pathway & stat dose management - 2008
Tracheostomy management - 2008
Syringe driver management for subcutaneous use - 2008
IV drug administration - 2005
Pandemic / Avian Flu update - 2007
Communication skill
Career history
24th August 2012 – September 2012. Hydro Projects for Gardline Geo Survey. MV Ocean Endeavour in Angola. HSE off shore medic.
Duties include stocking ships hospital and pharmacy to required standard. Ensure all equipment and medication are available and in working order. Manage the health, safety, well being and treatment of crew physical, mental and emotional needs. Maintain accurate and u
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afghanistan, trinidad and tobago, angola, UK
HSE off shore medic


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