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  • Hi mate ,
    I was looking at an old thread regarding MERIT industry paramedic course.
    Looking to enroll in their program, just wondering if you went ahead with their course and what your experiences are ?and did more job opportunities come from it ?
    ( My reason is to go to university after but untill then i'm also looking for jobs )

    Btw , any way to send a Pm ?

    Regards ,

    Hello mate, are you employed with MIRIS international? Im trying to reserach some information on them and wondered if you could spare me the time to spin me a few dits.



    Please send the poc's email address to me, my email is mimamma77@gmail.com I have all required training and am ready to deploy asap. Thanks allot.........Chris
    hi there could you please forward the poc's email address to me my email is dbole69@hotmail.co.uk many thanks
    Thanks for the details. It is very low compared to most others although good for getting a foot in the door even if it is shit. I don't have any maritime certification but have been in the CP business for 20+ years and can't find work recently. Biggest problem is I am not English or American and don't have recent military experience. If anything else comes up let me know.
    Take care and stay safe.
    Few of the men are really good, but they are looking for the first opportunity to remove to another company. The rest of the men are crap. It's good you didn't take an offer. There were times the guys were without food and water, so you may imagine the working conditions. Ask them about the transfer/pilot vessels, it's ridiculous, and after all that they look forward to cut you on your pay. You may also ask them how many men was captured 'cause they don't have proper weapons regulations.
    Don't refer the good guys to this company, my recommendation...
    Best regards...
    Tell Thomas Jakobsson with Naval Guards, he is not going to get anyone smart enough for that kind of a money and that qualified.
    I've had enough of Naval Guards and their working conditions, and payment cut-down.
    Take care...
    Hi Yeah Jon

    Well hows it going mucker with the company ???? seem to be doing well me im out in iraq a the moment with aegis putting pennies away so i can leave this part of the security industry and focus on what you're doing
    Hello mate

    You probably don't remember me. I was in Cambrai Company with you in 2003. I was in 11 Platoon

    I’ve left this year myself and have been interested in surveillance work since my initial aim of joining the police seems impossible right now because of the lack of recruiting

    Anyway i was looking on this site for some advice on how to get into the industry and saw i saw one of your posts.
    Once I work out how to PM people ill give you a shout and hopefully if you don’t mind pick your brains for some information.

    All the best

    Hi mate, I work for rennaissance-isc. gaffer is looking to take on fresh blood so worth posting a CV. Google R-isc for int... Good luck
    By the way, the industry isnt governed so undertaking a specific surveillance course may not be to your advantage... Just a thought???
    Hi mate. Good serveillance company is Saladin(London), Inkerman(Kent/London), Greymans (Berkshire). Good luke
    Hi John

    Im looking at doing a level 4 diploma in surveillance next yr hopefully much time now sometime after that could be looking at seting my own security and surveillance coy up if your interested now it is a big maybe gotta alot to sort out 1st but could be done working out of Manchester but covering the North West.

    Let me know what you think

    Have a good cse yourself im gonna be in manchester/bpool over xmas new yr defo be up for new yr try and catch up with you

    but let me know john yeah what your thought are
    Worked for the Cotswolds group for 2 years. Have friends that still work for them. Ok company, pay is low/average. If you use it as a start point it's ok. They do there own training, they have an assesment day where you sit in the back of a van and film people. It's mainly a boredom test, if you can hack it then your in. Most work is 8hrs of nothing, it's all insurance stuff. Anymore you need just email me.
    hi mate,IF you back in uk by 2nd sept you need go to this www.securitynetworkingevents.co.uk run by ex sbs and para guys to help forces into work. read speakers on event page.reduced ticket for cpw members 90-00 leave message on SPLINTER652 visitors if you can get there and ill give you contact details. stay safe mate. regards.
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