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  • hi john got your post, im available for those dates, got sso qual. my number is 07877589322 you'll be able to get me on this 24/7
    Hi John , reeks of litigation? Those who know you, know the difference between the wingher and the true professional ;-)
    I hope all's well, and my regards to our friends at VC&A-NBS!
    Yeah well i thought it would be fittin for me to have a good representation of myself...... i see u havnt gone for that option yet, may i suggest a picture of a 'mr potato, head minus the hat :D
    Hi again JT, ah the barley wine incident and the threat by the Canadian 'Numpty' to fail us all, is it only 30 years?? Seems an awful lot longer!! Hope that you are well.BTW, not just the photo that is small nowadays!!
    Hi John,

    Long time no see, hope you're keeping well and busy.
    send my greetings to everyone at NBS.


    Hello John,

    Click on the icon, 'new post' to start a new topic or click 'quick reply' to partake in a discussion!

    Dnt worry mate i still get lost around here!

    Welcome to the site

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