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  • Hey Johnp,

    How are things going, Have you set up the Trng School and did you ever get any joy with the Contracts?

    Stay Safe
    Hi mate
    I stayed around Richmond North Yorks for about 10 years now live between Hexham and Carlisle, moving back there soon.
    Busy setting up and running a training school www.epo-psdtactical.com also working on a contract with guys from 1, 3 and QCS at the mo.
    Are you in this line of business, i still speak to guys down at the angel and hope to get on an up and coming reunion.
    Speak to you soon
    Be Cool Brother
    Hi Johnp,

    Thanx mate...

    Where are you based out of now? I popped smoke in 2001 after 22 years and moved to North America.
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