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  • Do you have any venues in the South/South East if so I can help you out as well. Please reply to skyguy3929@yahoo.com Bob G

    My name is Matthew, I currently resided in the USA but I am planing a move to the UK or possibly another area in Europe. I saw your job posting about needing first aid help for events. I can send, email a resume (CV). I am a firefighter and Nationally Registered EMT-Basic but I am not sure how that crosses over to the certifications required there. Which brings me to the problem of not having certifications for that area. If you know what requirements I might need and good courses/schools to obtain them through.

    Just a little bit about me. I am a full time paid firefighter/EMT with a private department in Montana. I am also a reserve (part-time paid) firefighter/EMT in the town that I live in. I have a 12yr. military background which included asignments as a medical flight crew member, 6yrs. with the army national guard as a combat medic and a tour in Iraq. Thank your for time and wish you the best and good luck with filling your positions.
    My name is Dan and I am serving CMT1 in the RAMC, I am BATLS trained and BCDT instructor which covers me for First aid training, I am also PILS trained which allows me to treat children and infants, I do not live in the North East but I am willing to travel, If you would like a copy of my CV please let me know either through here or emailing danny_preen@live.co.uk
    Hi, my name is George dye i have my FPOS-I medics course and i live in the north east i also have my SIA badge if you want a copy of my CV let me know my email is george.dye1@btinternet.com
    I was wondering if your user name was random or whether you have something to do with dogs? I only ask as i have an interest in dogs.
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