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  • also just started a thread about anti piracy dogs. You ever heard of one? Malpeet security are advertising them.
    Seems like the guys missed me and all went back to find me. I was on the same B3 as chelsey, say Hi for me. Dave and I know each other too. Like the way he was typed as an after thought though. LOL. I was instructing the B2 with Percy Rivers just before I left. Can you pass on my number to all mentioned especially McGlynn im sure she prob owes me and the wife a beer or two and we will meet up at the next re union if not sooner. 07895957260.
    Jody is charge of Protection, Steve Class 3's, Al is just about to take on a project, but Bez and Lynds, oh and Chelsey Larrington (Cant) work directly for me. Oh yeah, and Dave Rea.
    haha tell lyndsey she better ring me she needs to come back to mine for a drink, i was in Iraq with Bez , I know Jody and steve hood and Al. Seems I know all your guys mate. I know of Sean Jones I did a draft to him when he was in Cyprus. You have a good section there.
    Mark Lloyd (Scouse), Sgt RAF Police. 22 years in and hope to stay in for the long haul! I work with Al Smith (SSgt) Sgt Jody Honeywood, Sgt Steve Hood, WO1 Sean Jones, Lyndsay McGlynn, Bez. Not sure if youknow any of them.
    Ha Ha, Sorry Forgot to put it on. Its Steve Dineley. Ex RAVC, Left as a LCPL as the wife wasnt happy with the tours. Mind you shes happy for me to work in Bahrain as long as she gets the paycheck. You are??
    Pinky is in Scotland, I've taken on his post as ic Spec Trg. Come on then, what's your name? Don't keep me hanging! lol
    no i left in 2005 having worked in aes, vs, and police sections. Working private sec. now. Business is good, hours better, pay a lot better, but still miss the place. I visit every now and then as my brother is an engineer sgt living in good ol` old dalby.
    Do you have a personal email as the question/info that i want to send won't fit in these message box's?


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